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Industry: Business Women FREE Email System 4 Breast Cancer Awareness going old school marketing with voice notification like AOL used to: saying," you have mail" .

Las Vegas, NV (PRUnderground) December 5th, 2013 a FREE email system and Auction for Breast Cancer Patients and Supporters just like yahoo mail, gmail and ebay will be launching it’s version of AOL “You Got Mail” remember when ever your computer would notify you from AOL that “You Have Mail ” with a voice…..????? Well now Free email system for Breast Cancer will be notifying it’s users with several different voice notifications saying ” You Got Pinkmail, You’ve Been Pinkmailed “.

This is the best old school marketing I have ever seen that pinkmail needs not only do they have a great product and email service they are bringing FUN back to emailing! is growing daily and will be a Tech Force to deal with in the near future…..they have many more surprises in the coming year that will make them very noticeable to the big boys and girls in the Tech World!!!! is wanting people to send in voice recordings saying “YOU BEEN PINKMAILED…..YOU HAVE PINKMAIL ” in sexy, crazy, funny ,silly voices…..send all recordings to with a signed release giving MAB Ltd./ full rights to your voice recordings.

Can’t wait to see what they come out with next!!!! Keep your eyes on this company !!!

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