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Pineal and DNA support with telomere maintenance properties launched in UK for worldwide delivery

Industry: Natural Supplements

35 years of Russian research into short chain peptides announced in Britain from anti aging research club offering free membership

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) December 9th, 2013

A transdermal spray containing a peptide with 35 years of scientific anti aging research behind it is now available worldwide from a Britsh anti aging research club called the Mackenzie Protocol

All the research suggests that it has anti aging properties through its effect on telomeres and the pineal gland but is also reputed to help support  mitochondria and DNA.

The product is announced at a new website at

The name of the product Ajna Spray was coined from ayurvedic beliefs in the “third eye” but science is now discovering the connection between this and the pineal gland.

The research into the peptde now suggests that it  has a more efficient effect on telomeres  than  cycloastragenol products that have been previously marketed for the last few years for the same reason but Mackenzie Protocol will eventually be offering both products as a complementary protocol together with telomere  length test kits carried out at home from simple saliva tests.

As a members club the Mackenzie Protocol members club does not sell to the general public but anyone with a genuine interest in the latest cutting edge science of anti aging can join free and take advantage of their products and services as a a co-researcher.

They are already affiliated to a number of anti aging and health freedom associations including the British longevity Society.

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