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At The River Cruise Line we offer a number of river cruises on various different ships, and just so you know exactly what to expect we have a dedicated section on our web

Rhine (PRUnderground) October 10th, 2012

River cruises offer a different cruising experience to the popular ocean cruise, the most obvious of this being the different destinations available and the size of the ships involved. At The River Cruise Line we offer a number of river cruises in Europe on various different ships and, just so you know exactly what to expect, we have a dedicated section on our website about our river cruise ships.

Our largest cruise ship can hold 284 passengers and our smallest holds 20, making a river cruise a much more intimate and personal experience than what is offered by some ocean cruise ships which can hold thousands of people. It is easy to assume that the more difficult navigation of a river, as opposed to an ocean, would inhibit a cruise experience, but that is not necessarily true when you consider the added luxuries and personality a smaller ship can offer passengers.

The ‘Our Ships’ page on our website can provide you with a short summary of each of our 14 different ships, allowing you to choose what kind of ship you would like to enjoy a river cruise on if that is what is important to you. Our handy link next to each ship allows you to see what cruises are available on each ship, giving you all the information that you need to make a decision about your next river cruise.

As well as information about our ships, our website is definitely the place to head for destination details about our cruises, such as our Rhine river cruises, and any other questions you have about The River Cruise Line. So go online now and check out what ship you could be enjoying your next river cruise on.

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The River Cruise Line is fast becoming a leading tour operator specialising in European river cruises. As a well respected company in the industry, we are the preferred operator for many publications who we work in partnership with by offering their readers high quality and value for money holidays.

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