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PhuketFit To Offer Best Detox Program with Proven Results in Phuket, Thailand

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Leading detox and weight loss resort in Thailand...

Phuket, Thailand (PRUnderground) January 21st, 2014

PhuketFit, one of Thailand’s leading fitness resorts is offering Detox Program in Phuket that has proven to be quite effective in cleansing body and mind, and lose weight

There are several fitness resorts & retreats in Thailand, all claiming to be better than the other; however one particular weight loss resort has earned quite a reputation in very short period of time. This resort is none other than the PhuketFit fitness resort, which is located at Rawai (Phuket) and has been a major success with its new and revolutionary weight loss program. PhuketFit is now offering its new Detox Program, which has proven to deliver great results in very short period of time.

After completing the PhuketFit detox program I feel full of energy and ready to jump back into life! ”

PhuketFit Detox Program

Those who enroll in this program have to undergo a consultation with their Detox staff. After consultation they will evaluate vital statistics such as weight, body fat percentage, hydration levels, blood pressure and visceral fat stores. Once the program initiates, these vital statistics will be monitored on regular basis to see any improvement or a change.

They use natural and safe methods/diets to remove toxins from the body such as Cleansing Drinks, Cleansing Herbs, Glutinous Rice Powder Capsules, Dietary Supplements, Coconut Juice, Vegetable Broth, Liver Flush, Yoga, Fitness Classes, etc.

Apart from these, they even offer daily traditional oil massage from professional Thai masseuse, daily herbal sauna, daily pro-biotic friendly bacteria, meditation class, full access to gym, fitness sessions, etc.

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About PhuketFit

PhuketFit is a leading fitness resort of Phuket (Thailand) which helps people achieve their fitness goals and live a new healthier lifestyle. They are dedicated towards offering the best possible assistance and supervision to their guests by understanding their particular requirements & goals.

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