Pharmaca Implements Bi-directional Immunization Interface to Improve Patient Outcomes

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Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy integrates STC's bi-directional Immunization Interface, ImmsLink, with real time data into Pharmaca's workflow.

Scottsdale, Arizona (PRUnderground) September 9th, 2015

Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC) and Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy are proud to announce the integration of STC’s bi-directional Immunization Interface, ImmsLink™ into Pharmaca’s workflow.  This partnership will ensure compliance for Pharmaca’s pharmacists through the reporting of administered immunizations to the New Mexico and Oregon registries in real time and also give them access to patient immunization histories and vaccine forecasting at the point of care.  STC’s industry leading vaccine forecaster takes the uncertainty out of the recommending additional shots by validating for pharmacists overdue patient immunizations so they can enhance the patient care experience while simultaneously increasing their bottom line.

“Pharmacies are taking a more integrative approach to patient outcomes, and Pharmaca has always been on the forefront of that approach,” says Mike Monske, Pharmacy Manager. “We believe that by utilizing our immunization information systems and pharmacy systems to exchange data, we will not only establish compliance but also enable our pharmacists to better understand and serve our patients.” 

Pharmaca is one of the first pharmacies to empower pharmacists with opportunities to improve immunization rates and therefore patient outcomes in real time. STC is proud to team with a pharmacy whose innovative approach increases efficiency and improves patient care.

About Pharmaca

Pharmaca, Inc. was founded in June 2000 in Boulder, Colo., as the nation’s first integrative pharmacy chain offering traditional pharmacy services alongside natural and complementary health solutions, including natural health and beauty products.  The company now operates 28 Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacies and two Pharmaca Wellness & Natural Beauty stores in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington, and has a robust online retail and education presence at

About STC

A leading public health informatics company in the U.S., STC creates technology solutions to address critical public health issues and to improve public health through the applied use of population health data.

Founded in 1988, STC was one of the first companies to advocate for the value of immunization registries and public health data to augment clinical practice. Since then, STC has become the trusted authority on the applied use of information technology to collect immunization data and assist in solving complex challenges.

STC’s unique mix of public health advisors and information system software developers combine their talents to design innovative software solutions used in both the public and private sectors, by state public health departments as well as by the nation’s leading pharmacies and physicians.

With over 300 million vaccine encounters now retained in the immunization registries of STC and its state public health partners, STC plays a key role in protecting children and adults from diseases and helping to create healthier populations.

For additional information about STC, please visit

About Scientific Technologies Corporation

STC is widely recognized as a leading public health informatics company in the U.S. We play a key role in protecting the public from diseases. Since 1988 we have leveraged our experience to develop solutions important to addressing and solving critical public health issues. Our staff is committed to improving public health through the applied use of population health data collected through modernized information systems. Our staff offers a unique blend of public health advisors and applied information system developers who come together to create cost effective public health technology solutions.

We greatly value our relationships with our clients — we host numerous public health improvement events every year, including information exchange summits, user meetings, advanced training, and user consortiums that result in the on-going development and enhancement of current products as well as the next generation of products. The events allow our clients to connect with STC subject matter experts and other state health departments to create a consortium that forms best practices and provides innovative solutions to complex problems. The experience of STC combined with the partnership of our clients provides a critical source of public health information, resulting in:

25,000,000 patients in STC immunization registries
250,000,000 records in STC immunization registries
17,000 providers utilizing STC immunization registries
77,000 users of STC immunization registries
736 electronic vendor links to STC immunization registries
93,000 HL7 messages sent per day through one of STC’s state registries.

STC’s goal is to continually show our clients the value of investing in public health information technology through high quality service, innovative software solutions, and population-based outcomes. We achieve this goal by delivering and installing quality products and services in a timely and efficient manner. While we take great pride in delivering quality services, we are driven by the fact that we play a key role in protecting children and adults from disease, ultimately creating healthier populations.

Advancing Population Health Outcomes through Information Technology:
Accurate timely information through registries and integrated medical record systems is key to impacting chronic, infectious, and vaccine-preventable disease. Meaningful Use facilitates health policy to increase the health information exchange of public health records from electronic health record systems in clinics and pharmacies. STC provides technology and electronic medical record exchanges to empower consumers, healthcare providers, pharmacists, public health professionals, and health plans with immunization information and decision support. We reinforce information captured through STC-developed state immunization information systems and STC-supported WIR registries with Immunization Intelligence™.

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