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Performing Arts Embrace Big Data to Increase Subscription Rates

Industry: Cultural Arts & Entertainment

Big Data Start Up Expands to San Francisco to Accommodate Demand

San Francisco, CA (PRUnderground) December 6th, 2013

Arts & Analytics Inc, a leading provider of predictive analytics for the performing arts and culture venues, announced today they are opening a new office in San Francisco, California to accommodate their growing staff of data scientists, technology teams and clients.

“The opening of the Arts & Analytics new Pine Street office is an important step towards achieving our product development and growth goals,” said Lee Gallagher, Founder & CEO. “Many performing arts and culture venues are looking to their big data to deliver big results in growing their subscriber base, and our data driven, analytical solutions do just that.”

The San Francisco office will be the innovation centre for all technology and product development. San Francisco was selected based on cutting edge technology talent, geographical location and proximity to Silicon Valley.

“Lee continues to hone his art and apply it to industries that are most in need. I am confident that his recent venture into the arts sector will benefit many Broadway and Regional theatres across the country, “ said Liz Miller, VP of the CMO Council, “I look forward to his future successes.”

Arts & Analytics, Inc is a Delaware Corporation with offices in Denver, Colorado.

About Arts & Analytics, Inc

Arts & Analytics, Inc. is dedicated to increasing patronage for the arts by leveraging the predictive sciences. A&A strongly believes that a community that supports the Arts will enable the Arts to give back to the community by creating new venues, improving performance selections, obtain top talent and provide outstanding education.

Lee Gallagher, Founder, was previously an IBM Executive that spent 22 years working with the Fortune top 50 companies, and later responsible for a boutique analytic practice. He is also a best selling author of, “Precision Marketing: Maximizing Revenue Through Relevance” in which all proceeds go to charity to help children read.

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