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PDRPRTS To License Massive Attack "Teardrop" Remix

Industry: Music

The Procedures To License The Vemix of Teardrop Have Begun

Los Angeles (PRUnderground) June 25th, 2014 have started contacts with Universal Publishing and Sony to license the vemix of Massive Attack’s historic Teadrop track. The proposal is for all of the involved parties to donate all profits of this work to women support charities in India. Pedro Prates believes the financial aspect is interesting, but above all feels that a higher gain will come from the widest possible sharing of the vemix, renewing and celebrating all over the world the original track’s ability to touch hearts.

Right now there are no licensed remixes of Massive Attack’s Mezzanine hit single sold online, while the album is widely available everywhere (iTunes, Amazon, etc.). The UK band is notoriously and understandably protective of their work, and their guest star Elizabeth Fraser is equally known to often prefer perfectionism. Pedro Prates still believes that he has a good chance of becoming a Teardrop remix licensee with his unique vision of the gem, merging Sufi Qwwali devotion to spirit, Celtic grace, and Western Dance with Indian rhythm, among other influences. As a long time admirer of both Massive Attack and Elizabeth Fraser, as well of the eternal Jeff Buckley, theVemix of Teardrop carries in its sound and light the gorgeous evidence of the producer’s sixteen year love affair with the track.

The Teardrop Vemix project is freely available on Vimeo and Youtube on the PDRPRTS channels, and is also the banner starter for the new Eat The Strawberry™ campaign for peace.

About PeDRo PRaTeS

PDRPRTS is an explorer of The Vemix concept he re-coined, creating and intertwining sound and light frame by frame to their natural spontaneous flow – multidisciplinary art done holistically™ – from the perspective of a meditation initiate. Inspired by Tony Samara and Osho, visually adventuring in the creative avenues opened by Godfrey Reggio and Ron Fricke, and sonically influenced by literally hundreds of composers throughout time, the work of PeDRo PRaTeS is widely available online.

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