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PDRPRTS’ Massive Attack “Teardrop” Burning Man video Vemix hits iTunes, Amazon & all major outlets

Industry: Cultural Arts & Entertainment

Successful licensing procedures deliver the unique vemix soundtrack to stores, as the producer discusses wishes for new digital formats

Los Angeles (PRUnderground) September 3rd, 2015

PDRPRTS have completed all contacts to license the vemix of Massive Attack’s historic Teadrop. The unique vision of the gem merges Sufi Qwwali devotion to spirit, Celtic grace and Western dance with Indian rhythm. Its soundtrack seems to unite various world music perspectives in harmonious flow, as a rare combination of styles and genres from many different times and places. Pedro Prates says this work carries in its sound and light the gorgeous evidence of the producer’s seventeen year love affair with the track, as a long time admirer of both Massive Attack and Elizabeth Fraser.

Asked about the fact that the soundtrack was created for and with a videotrack (striking Burning Man footage among others, recorded in two continents over a year..) that isn’t currently supported by present distribution means, Pedro Prates was adamant about the need for change: – “I grew up on albums, […] coming home to discover a whole range of perspectives combined into a whole, finite unit, that more than a collection of tunes was, as a work of art, […] often much more than the sum of its parts. […] As a producer in the new digital paradigm, i look for that unity feeling by creating the sound and image together, though there still isn’t a way to market this just yet.. We hear that Bono (U2) is collaborating with Apple Inc. (AAPL) for a new format vision, and Native Instruments (NI) has recently started offering the new Stems format, but […] so far there is no sign that they will eventually be taking image into account […]”. PDRPRTS further said that in these times it is mandatory to publish with the big distribution names whether or not we believe in the current system, and he believes that sooner or later the whole art scene will be unrecognisable to our times, when art monetisation evolves into the new digital global consciousness.

The Teardrop Vemix project is freely available on Vimeo and Youtube on the PDRPRTS channel, and the soundtrack is available on all major stores and radios globally, like the Apple ITMS iTunes Music Store and Radio, Amazon Music, etc..

About PeDRo PRaTeS

PDRPRTS is an explorer of The Vemix concept he re-coined, creating and intertwining sound and light frame by frame to their natural spontaneous flow – multidisciplinary art done holistically™ – from the perspective of a meditation initiate. Inspired by Tony Samara and Osho, visually adventuring in the creative avenues opened by Godfrey Reggio and Ron Fricke, and sonically influenced by literally hundreds of composers throughout time, the work of PeDRo PRaTeS is widely available online.

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