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ParkMyCloud, the Automated On-Off Switch for AWS EC2 Instances, Adds New Cost & Time Saving Feature

Industry: Information Technology

The Recommendation Engine is the result of customer feedback and is the first of many product updates.

STERLING, VA (PRUnderground) November 4th, 2015

ParkMyCloud, the only lightweight app that lets  Amazon Web Services (AWS) users schedule on/off times for their idle, non-production cloud computing services, today announced announced the general release of its Recommendation Engine, a new feature that allows its customers more quickly identify and park idle AWS EC2 instances.

“In the 60 days since we launched ParkMyCloud, customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.” said Jay Chapel, founder and CEO. “As the next step in ParkMyCloud’s analytics maturation, our users wanted a simpler way to identify and group non-production EC2 instances, and the result of that development effort is our first of its kind Recommendation Engine”

Out of the box, ParkMyCloud’s Recommendation Engine automatically searches in the Tags and Instance Name fields for instances that are good candidates to be parked. The logic is based on keywords, such as “dev,” “test,” “staging” and “QA.” These keywords are editable, so users can create their own in addition to ParkMyCloud’s pre-defined values. The platform also notifies users when new instances are discovered that meet the defined logic.

The next step in ParkMyCloud’s analytics development will allow policies to be defined and applied so that parking schedules may be automatically applied to instances when certain criteria are met.

“We really like ParkMyCloud’s lightweight, minimal touch approach to cost savings for AWS EC2,” said David Ishmael, CTO of OpsVision Solutions. “But for our clients’ larger environments, we did not want to dig to find parkable instances. Now with the Recommendation Engine, we don’t have to. We are notified when instances meet certain keyword criteria, which are then grouped accordingly, allowing us to easily assign the desired parking schedules, saving time and money for both us and our clients.”

About ParkMyCloud

ParkMyCloud is a cost-effective, lightweight app that reduces cloud computing costs by 20% or more, in just 15 minutes. This new app allows AWS users to pay only for the computing resources they’re actually using by scheduling on/off times (also known as “parking”) for their idle cloud computing services. ParkMyCloud is SaaS-based, so there’s nothing to download and no installation required. Customers are up and running in just three simple steps. More information can be found at

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