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Paperwork doesn’t have to be a task…

Industry: Commerical Building

YourTradesBase explain that with their new automatic task system, they can help tradesmen everywhere combat paperwork.

UK (PRUnderground) March 6th, 2013

YourTradeBase are pleased to announce that they have implemented their new task system.

The new task system allows for a much more streamlined way of working with paperwork for tradesmen. Now tasks are automatically created when paperwork is completed at a certain step. For example, if a builder creates a quote to build a garden wall and saves this as a draft, a task is then automatically generated to remind him to send the quote to the client.

This automatic creation of tasks is across all areas of the paperwork section of YourTradeBase. Users are prompted to create an invoice after the job is completed, send it to the client, and chase it up if it hasn’t been paid. The user doesn’t have to set the task themselves, meaning even less time is spent managing and creating the paperwork, leaving them time to get on with the job at hand. It can also help them win more work by reminding them of a quote that they gave out the previous week. Something that may previously have been forgotten about easily for busy tradesmen.

All of the tasks are featured on users’ dashboards. So when a tradesman logs in, they can get an instant overview of jobs and paperwork that needs their attention.

In addition to this, YourTradeBase have also added the ‘later’ function to their tasks system. This means users can ‘push back’ their tasks easily into the next day, or even next week. This way tasks are never forgotten about, and don’t drop off the radar for tradesmen.

YourTradeBase offer a 45 day free trial to all new users. They don’t take any credit card information, and there is no hard sell.

About YourTradeBase

YourTradeBase is a professional tool for tradesmen that takes care of paperwork and job management. Originally set up in 2009 and co founded by a tradesman who was finding it difficult to deal with paperwork, YourTradeBase has dealt with over £2 million worth of invoices being sent out to customers. It truly is a tool created by a tradesman for tradesman.

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About YourTradeBase

YourTradeBase is a professional paperwork and job management tool created by tradesmen for tradesmen. It’s completely online with nothing to download, and users can access their paperwork and job anytime, anywhere from their computers, tablets or smartphones.

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