Pallet Delivery – Not Just For Large Retail and Manufacturing Companies, Small Businesses Can Benefit Too

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Most small businesses overlook pallet delivery services as a safe and cost effective way to ship goods.

Cheshire, UK (PRUnderground) April 27th, 2011

If you run a small business you probably automatically reach for the ‘phone’ and call a parcel service when you need goods delivering in the UK or Europe. Many smaller companies are unaware that by using pallet delivery, transport costs can actually be reduced.

Contrary to popular belief, pallet delivery is not just the domain of the big retail and manufacturing companies. You too can benefit from UK and European distribution networks to get your sales orders or any goods you need moving delivered quickly.

The advantage of choosing pallet delivery is that your goods are safer. A parcel gets handled many times over on its journey, whereas goods on a pallet are shifted with a fork lift truck. If the pallet is then shrink or stretch-wrapped, this makes the consignment even more secure.

In terms of cost, loading items onto a pallet for delivery is actually reasonable. The pallets themselves are not as expensive as you’d think and only add couple of pounds to your overall transportation costs. As a lorry can collect several pallets at once for multiple customers, you will be sharing the cost of the delivery service.

For small businesses that have never used a pallet delivery service before, it can be quite daunting, but there is help, thanks to the likes of web-based transport service comparison sites such as It’s ideal for customers with a single pallet or even part pallet load, as the website matches you with pallet deliverers already heading towards your required final destination and who have spare capacity in the truck.

If you’ve never sent palletised goods before you’ll want to know that you can trust the company with your precious merchandise. The reputations of specialist pallet load handling companies can be checked out online at Delivery Quote Compare with the company profiles and customer feedback.

Dan Parry, director of Delivery Quote Compare said: “Our website opens up pallet delivery services to people running small businesses who have probably never even considered using such a service before. We make it easy for you to tell us about what you need moving and where, then we get quotes from pallet companies ready to deliver your goods at the best possible price, even if it is just one pallet.”

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Notes for editors:

Daniel Parry is CEO of online transportation website Delivery Quote Compare, offering free quotes for thousands of rated pallet delivery companies for individuals and businesses alike.

About was set up to provide transport companies with an opening to make quotes and win delivery work from customers who need goods delivering to national, European and international destinations.

All types of delivery companies are registered with the site, from haulage companies to specialist pallet delivery services. All types of goods are quoted for and handled, from eBay seller deliveries, to boat deliveries and furniture shipments throughout the UK, in Europe and beyond.

Customers with goods that need to be delivered simply register and post the job details on the Delivery Quote Compare website and the details are then sent on to relevant transport companies who can provide the service required. The companies then look at the details and work out a bespoke price for that delivery job.

The customer then receives email alerts to let them know quotes are coming in. If the ‘auction format’ is chosen, the transport companies can see all quotes being posted and how competitive they need to be to win the job.

For customers using Delivery Quote Compare, the service is completely free.


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