Pallergy Oral Drops Provide A Simpler, Safer Allergy Treatment For Dogs

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Many dogs have allergies, but medications can have side effects and only fix the symptoms. A new brand of allergy drops, though, offers a safer treatment that reaches the

Memphis Tennessee (PRUnderground) December 17th, 2015

While dogs commonly suffer from allergies, finding a good treatment can be tricky. Oral drops now available through Pallergy, however, are changing that. They provide the benefits of allergy shots without the hassle of injections. They also allow pets to avoid the negative side effects of synthetic medications such as steroids.

The veterinarian-prescribed drops work like allergy shots, helping pets develop an immunity to pollens in the environment. Instead of being injected, though, the antigen is dispensed under the pet’s tongue where it absorbs into the bloodstream through cells in the lining of the mouth. The drops can accomplish the same task as shots-gradually retraining the pet’s immune system to tolerate allergens-but the drops are safer than shots and far easier for dog owners to administer.

Dr. Stuart Agren, medical director of Pallergy, said that many pet owners are drawn to the drops over medications like steroids because they offer a more natural treatment approach.

“Steroids are commonly prescribed for allergies, but they can wreak havoc on the pet’s body,” said Dr. Agren.

Steroids can contribute to gastrointestinal problems, lethargy, and even blood clots and diabetes. The drops are free of these side effects and are made up of all-natural allergenic extracts in a saline solution.

According to Agren, another big shortfall of medications like steroids and antihistamines is that they don’t address the underlying allergy.

Medications treat the symptoms only, but Pallergy drops treat the pet allergy itself,” said Dr. Agren. “Until the root allergy is addressed, symptoms will continue to affect a pet’s well-being.”

Pallergy drops can be prescribed for cats, dogs, and horses and can treat for dozens of the most bothersome pet allergens including pollens and molds.

The most common symptom of allergy in dogs is itchy skin. This can cause dogs to rub and chew at their fur, resulting in bald spots and raised, red patches known as “hot spots” that are vulnerable to infection. Dogs with allergies may even experience wheezing; itchy, runny eyes; and gastrointestinal problems like vomiting and diarrhea.

Pet owners who suspect allergies in their pets should contact a veterinarian about appropriate treatment options.

About Pallergy

Pallergy offers sublingual immunotherapy drops for pets. Injection-free allergy treatment for hot spots, itching, and atopic dermatitis. Allergy relief for a family\\\\’s pet pal is just a few drops away. Allergy veterinarians can now treat horse, cat, and dog allergy symptoms with Pallergy.

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