Pallergy™ Oral Allergy Drops For Horses Are Safer Than Meds And Work Longer-Term

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Allergy drugs for horses can be hard on the body and only treat the symptoms, but Pallergy oral drops are free of side effects and treat the root allergy problem.

Texas, US (PRUnderground) January 15th, 2016

Just as humans suffer from seasonal allergies, horses, too, can develop maddening allergy symptoms in response to their environment. A new treatment known as Pallergy sublingual immunotherapy drops presents a simple way to treat those allergies long-term without the health-compromising side effects that come with allergy medications like steroids.

Pallergy drops are dosed orally and absorb into the bloodstream through specialized cells in the mouth tissues. They work like allergy shots–helping horses become immune to allergens in the environment--but they are safer than shots and far easier to administer.

While horses can benefit from prescription allergy drugs such as antihistamines or steroids, those medications don’t treat the source of the allergy. Once the drugs stop, horses’ symptoms will return again. Pallergy drops, however, treat the root allergy problem, “rewiring” the immune system to stop overreacting to allergens in the first place.

Another big drawback to medications such as steroids is that they can compromise horses’ health, causing stomach problems, draining pets of energy, and even increasing the risk for diabetes or blood clotting.

Dr. Stuart Agren developed Pallergy drops after using sublingual allergy drops to treat human patients for over 30 years. He said that seasonal allergens can cause significant misery for horses just as they do for humans.

Allergies in horses often manifest through hives,” said Dr. Agren. “They can be maddeningly itchy and also lead to infected skin lesions. That can affect a horse’s behavior so they are jumpy, hyper and hard to control.”

Other horse allergy symptoms include sneezing, wheezing, and itchy, watery eyes. Whatever the allergy symptoms, Agren said that Pallergy offers a natural solution.

“The drops are made up of a saline solution containing natural extracts of the pollens and other allergens that horses breathe in every day in the environment,” said Agren. “The drops are very gentle on the horse’s body.”

Pet owners who suspect allergies in their pets should contact a veterinarian about appropriate treatment options.

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Pallergy offers sublingual immunotherapy drops for pets. Injection-free allergy treatment for hot spots, itching, and atopic dermatitis. Allergy relief for a family\\\\’s pet pal is just a few drops away. Allergy veterinarians can now treat horse, cat, and dog allergy symptoms with Pallergy.

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