Ostrato Helps Slash Enterprise Cloud Costs by Up to 70%

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New Calculators Show Massive Savings Potential with cloudSM Cloud Management Platform

Sterling, VA (PRUnderground) May 18th, 2015

Ostrato today announced the release of its new ROI calculators to help enterprise customers discover how much they can save on their cloud spend.

Studies show that the explosive growth in cloud computing resources has led to tremendous waste in cloud spend. Enterprises are paying for millions of dollars in unused capacity and computing power each month. Ostrato helps enterprises gain visibility into their cloud usage and spending and, with features like parking calendars and scheduled runtime, enables them to pay only for what they use.

The new calculators, available free on Ostrato’s website at http://www.ostrato.com/resources/roi-calculator/, allow users to discover how much money they could save on their cloud resources by using cloudSM, Ostrato’s cloud management platform.

Three versions of the calculator are available, each for a different primary cloud: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and all other providers/multiple providers.

Enterprise users can input simple information about their company’s cloud spend, such as spend per month and percentage allocated toward compute and volume storage, to find how much money they could save by using cloudSM.

The savings calculated include hard savings achieved by using cloudSM’s parking calendars to pause compute instances when not in use, and the ability to discover and manage orphaned volume storage.

In addition to the hard savings, an estimate of soft savings is provided, which encompasses the productivity savings gleaned from orchestrating clouds in a single platform, automatically setting compute usage durations upfront, eliminating the need for IT to manually manage cloud sprawl.

“We’re thrilled to share these new cost visibility tools with enterprise IT professionals,” said CTO Dale Wickizer. “The calculators should be considered a starting point to gain visibility into controlling enterprise cloud spend. Turning these estimates into real-world cost reduction, leveraging cloudSM’s global policies, is what we do.”

Since its formation in 2013, Ostrato has been focused on helping users control the cloud.

About Ostrato

Ostrato’s cloudSM platform helps companies save time and money managing their complex and fast-growing applications and services in the cloud. cloudSM provides enterprises the visibility and control they need to optimize spend, reduce costs and govern user access across AWS, Azure, VMware, OpenStack and other providers. We do this by providing IT and DevOps with an integrated, self-service platform for provisioning and automating all public, private and hybrid cloud services. In addition, managed service providers (MSPs) can use cloudSM to create new revenue streams, differentiate their offerings and drive down internal costs to meet their customers’ growing demand for cloud consumption. Visit www.ostrato.com to learn more.

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