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Osgood Schlatters Cure, The Strickland Protocol Goes Global

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The cure for Osgood Schlatters, The Strickland Protocol, had truly gone global this week, with the manual being bought in more countries than ever before.

London, UK (PRUnderground) December 7th, 2012

Osgood Schlatters Disease is a condition which is suffered typically by active children during their secondary growth spurt. It is very painful and if left untreated can last upto 21 months and affect the way the knees look as adults. The Strickland Protocol is the only scientifically proven cure. The disease was first highlighted in 1903, and it is not actually a disease, but that name has stuck until present day.

Jenny Strickland developed The Strickland Protocol and after successfully treating the daughters of Bill Goldie, the pair set up Proact Solutions, which is now able to sell the solution online by digital download. Hard copy manuals are also available.

The Osgood Schlatters website has now had clients buying the treatment manual from Hawaii, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beirut, Italy, France, New Zealand, Australia, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, the first ever client there bought the manual last month. Jenny Strickland presented the manual to the parents of the child who was suffering in Hong Kong.

Bill Goldie, Director of Proact Solutions said “We are delighted that so many children are now being treated and cured of Osgood Schlatters. The world wide web has helped in our quest to make The Strickland Protocol available to all children who are suffering”.

The scientific study is entitled: Osgood Schlatters Disease: An active Approach and was presented at European Congress of Sports Science Conference; Lisbon Portugal, 2008.

The results were that all patients achieved a full wall squat in an average of 20 days (±12) with a maximum of 50. The improvement in wall slide was significant to 98% (p<0.02) for each recording. Upon full wall slide patients were discharged and returned to their sporting activities as normal, with no reported further problems. At various follow-up dates (1-5 years) only 2 patients reported recurrence but they had not followed the recommended advice on stretching.

A record number of children have now been successfully cured with the treatment. A record number of testimonials have been recorded, which can be viewed on the website, or on the facebook page

The Strickland Protocol can be purchased from the official Srickland Protocol website and on Amazon.




About The Strickland Protocol – Proact Solutions Limited

The Strickland Protocol was developed by Jenny Strickland and clinical tests show that Osgood Schlatter’s Disease in children can be cured on average in 3 weeks. The home treatment manual is available to buy online in downloadable and hard copy formats. Jenny Strickland is at the pinnacle of her career

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