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Online retailer of unique, curated items offers the Kijo Knife for $5 and free shipping

Industry: Retail

E&M Solutions, pioneer of curated commerce, is offering 75% off and free shipping on the As Seen On TV Kijo Knife (reduces price to $5). All one needs to do is like them

United States (PRUnderground) June 5th, 2014

Founded in 2011, E&M Solutions has always bucked the trend. “Back then, online retailers were adding thousands of skus with just a small portion doing significant volume”, says Mark Levine. So this online retailer decided early on to ferret out the most unique products that people actually want and create a curated collection on that basis. “Our items are the best of the best. Not only are they innovative & unique but also great sellers.” Examples are the Hypnocube which provides a fascinating light show or the Zetta Z12 Spy Camera. Beauty products have always been a strong line for E&M Solutions. For example, the Collagen Eye Pads are still selling well after 3 years.

As part of a social media promotion, E&M Solutions is now offering the Kijo Micro-Serrated Ceramic Knife for just $5. Customers just need to click the “coupon” link on the side of every page, then click the like button and the coupon codes appear.

About E&M Solutions

E&M Solutions offers a curated selection of unique top-selling items . We search the world over for the most innovative and useful products in the beauty, pain relief, personal care & kitchen categories- and select only the best. This approach results in an amazing collection of items that practically fly out the door. Recently, we have expanded into surveillance products with great success.

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