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Online Divorce for Same Sex Couples Too

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Gay marriage ends, but not as commonly as traditional marriage; could online divorce that heterosexual couples have access to change statistics for gay marriage too?

USA (PRUnderground) December 5th, 2012

Now that we have had enough time to analyze more than just a handful of gay marriages across several states in the US, the next big question has come to pass in the mainstream media—surprisingly by way of Israel today.

According to WorldNews on, regarding the first gay marriage to be dissolved in Israel, Reuters reports, “Legal experts see the ruling as a precedent in the realm of gay rights in a country where conservative family traditions are strong and religious courts oversee ceremonies like marriages, divorces and burials.”

According to a Huffington Post article this past November, “For the same reason that the anti-gay and hatred communities are wrong to hold marriage back as some symbolic gesture to marriage structures of the past, pro-gay people cannot rush into it as a new symbol of political gains of the present. Getting married is not political; it is a very big deal on a personal level.” Many will take this comment in stride without really processing it—and the point that could be missed is a crucial one. To wit, those considering gay marriage because they are itching to illustrate their equality will be devastated to find that marriage—gay, straight, or otherwise—is a serious, long term, and highly demanding commitment, and as Don Henley so wisely crooned in the 1990s, “Sometimes love just ain’t enough.”

But what could this mean for the numbers of online divorce options we see gay couples take advantage of in the US? “There’s no way to know the efficacy of a gay divorce option as offered by an online legal firm because this is still a state-by-state issue,” says family law expert Daniel Freeman, adding, “Online divorce will undoubtedly be offered to gay couples in time, but law firms have to wrap their arms around the details before that can happen.”

To many gay couples considering marriage, full equality means equal rights to dissolve a marriage as easily as any heterosexual couple can—being able to get a divorce online has made getting divorced easier—some may argue too easy. But equal civil rights means online divorce will be as much a benchmark for gay marriage as walking down the aisle has become.

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