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Omaginarium Launches New Lead Generating Website

Industry: Online Marketing

Concluding the Huge Traffic Generating Strategies Summer Series, Suzen Pettit Launches New Blog, Designed to Illustrate the Power of Effective Traffic Strategies

Brookfield, CT (PRUnderground) August 29th, 2013

Suzen Pettit  from Omaginarium has launched a new website that illustrates the traffic generating techniques she’s been focusing on in her summer long blog series.

Designed to educate on the increasing, and often daunting task of  creating and converting traffic to warm leads, the series called “Huge Traffic Generating Strategies” concluded today with the unveiling of Pettit’s new blog, created with the intention of building her own traffic.

Pettit states:

“I like to walk the walk for people. Otherwise, my credibility is questionable. Ultimately, at the end of the day, I believe firmly that your biggest traffic building tool and strategy must be your great website, (or blog) and not just any website.

You can enlist all the best strategies we’ve discussed throughout the summer in the traffic generating strategies series, but if the traffic is leading back to a meh” website, that does not engage, prompt and compel  you to take action, then all of those strategies are for naught.

She emphasizes that by a “great” website she does not mean fancy.

“Some of the best sites I know are simple and straightforward, but they are effective in reaching their goals for their owners. My site is far from fancy; as a matter of fact it is quite simple, but my goal was to create a space that was actionable, targeted towards my goals of growing my email list and effective at converting traffic to warm leads”

Pettit will be using the website to grow her email list, so that she can reach more targeted small business people in need of online marketing strategy help.


About Omaginarium

Suzen Pettit has been in marketing for the past 27 years wearing various hats. Founder of OMAGinarium, an acronym for Online Marketing and Growth, Suzens’ specialty is getting small businesses FOUND and helping them stay “sticky” with traffic strategies, online marketing, optimized websites, SEO, blogging, content marketing and list building. Suzen has helped hundreds of small companies and entrepreneurs get their businesses on the map and stand out. When not working hard for her clients, Suzen can be found blogging and providing content for the Patch hyper-locals, Mashable, Founders Space and The Huffington Post, as well as speaking on topics geared to online business growth. Suzen was recently featured in the March issue of Tribal Woman.
Reach her at or call her at 203 733 8578 to discuss your marketing needs.

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