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Leading News Aggregator ObamacareReporter Buys Key Domain Name

Las Vegas, NV (PRUnderground) December 15th, 2014

News about Obamacare remains a hot topic among news outlets in America, according to Jenn X, editor of ObamacareReporter.com, a website that features Obamacare “News as it Brews.”

Recently, the tiny start-up purchased a new domain name to solidfy its standing as the leading news aggregator on Obamacare-related news. The address ‘Obamacarenews.com’ is now owned by ObamacareReporter.

“We bought Obamacarenews.com as a way to expand our web presence and build traffic,” Jenn said. “I’ve been posting news, videos and cartoons about Obamacare since mid-2013, and the website has gotten over 100,000 unique visitors since then.  The Twitter account has grown to over 2000 followers, and stories about Obamacare are probably going to increase as the open enrollment period continues.”

The site features about one week’s worth of news coverage on the front page.  A visitor to the site gains huge insight into what people are saying about Obamacare simply by looking at the headlines.

A former bartender, Jenn X posts what looks like a wild mish-mash of stories and videos on the site, but there is a sense of order behind the hundreds of headlines available at any time. Keeping up with the pace of Obamacare-related news is a daily challenge.

Obamacare Reporter is published by Jenn and her company, JennXPub, which is a tiny start-up.  For more information about Obamacare Reporter, contact Jenn at editor@obamacarereporter.com.


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