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The Drudge Report of Obamacare Distills 'News As It Brews'

Las Vegas, NV (PRUnderground) October 10th, 2013

Jenn X is an out-of-work bartender with a strange obsession – Obamacare news.

Jenn X researches, edits, and posts news stories, videos, blogs, opinions and cartoons about Obamacare, the nation’s new healthcare law that is rearranging how America does health insurance.  Her site is Obamacare Reporter, and she recently passed the 10,000 unique visitor milestone and is now busier than ever trying to keep up.

“I’m basically breathing Obamacare these days,” Jenn X said.  ”I’ve never focused on one news story for so long that I have come to know it intimately.  It’s wild.”

Obamacare Reporter distills the day’s news into a visual overview of what is being said about Obamacare at any moment.  Jenn X tries to be politically neutral, and posts stories from any source that has something significant to say.

A news aggregation site about Obamacare has become more than just an idea for Jenn X, it’s become her obsession.  If it’s happening today, Jenn X said, she knows about it.  In fact, she has recently had to reload the page with stories that, to her, were old news.

“I posted the story on how Obamacare wants your sexual history from American Thinker on Sept. 13, pretty soon after they ran it,” Jenn X said.  ”Two days later, the New York Post picked up the story and I saw it posted on other sites, and suddenly it’s the biggest story of the day, so I had to scramble to re-up the story’s standing on Obamacare Reporter.”

Keeping up with Obamacare right now is a roller-coaster ride through hundreds of stories, videos and blog posts that involve the opening of the Exchanges, the government shutdown, and state-by-state results of people trying to sign up for insurance.


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