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Las Vegas, NV (PRUnderground) October 12th, 2013

Obamacare Reporter hit 1200 unique tweets as the site experienced its busiest week in its short history.  The site launched its first news release on Sept. 13 and passed the 10,000 unique visitor milestone less than three weeks later.

Jenn X, an out-of-work bartender with an Obamacare obession, has been doing the searches, posting to the site, and tweeting on Twitter every step of the way.

“It’s search – post – tweet, and search – post – tweet all day,” Jenn said.  “Thank goodness that Twitter counts the number of tweets I do.  That’s the only way I know how many I’ve done at this point.”

Most of the tweets are update notices about the site, but Jenn also likes to have a little fun.

“I put some of my favorite finds in the “photos and videos” section of my Twitter page,” Jenn said.  “I have my favorite Obamacare cartoons there, and when I ran a story about how Obamacare raised vet costs for pet owners, I posted a photo of my cat, Little Girl, looking pretty peeved about it.”

Obamacare Reporter can be found on Twitter at #OCareReporter.

Obamacarereporter.com is published by JennXPub, a tiny start-up in Las Vegas with no capital, no investors, and no pending IPO.  Jenn has a computer, Wi-Fi, three cats and lots of coffee.

For more information about Obamacare Reporter, or to talk to Jenn, contact her at editor@obamacarereporter.com

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