Obamacare Reporter Hits 10,000 Unique Visitor Milestone

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Obamacare Reporter, the "Drudge Report" of Obamacare, hit a milestone as more than 10,000 unique visitors visited the new site

Las Vegas, NV (PRUnderground) October 7th, 2013

Obamacare Reporter, the “Drudge Report” of Obamacare, hit a milestone as more than 10,000 unique visitors viewed the site.

With nothing more than a computer and a ton of effort, Jenn X put up a website featuring news, videos and blogs about Obamacare.  She managed to keep up with the rush of Obamacare-related news since the opening of the health insurance exchanges on Oct 1 and all the “glitches” that followed, and hit a 10,000 unique visitor milestone along the way.

“It’s been crazy,” Jenn said.  ”When I started this, there were about 200 news stories a day about Obamacare.  Now, there are at least twice that amount, since nearly every story about the government shutdown features Obamacare!”

To manage the volume, she posts the stories and videos which cover the “most ground,” Jenn said.  ”I try to give a complete picture of what people are saying about Obamacare right now, and do it in a way that you see it in a minute.  Like a snapshot of what’s going on.”

Obamacare Reporter is published by JennXPub, a tiny start-up in Las Vegas with no capital, no investors, and no pending IPO.  They have a computer, wi-fi, and coffee.  Lots of coffee.

For more information about Obamacare Reporter, or to talk to Jenn, contact her at editor@obamacarereporter.com

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