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Flossie Alexander, Owner/President of You Can Now! Nutrition And Fitness Coaching has taken weight loss to a whole new level helping people all across the country.

United States (PRUnderground) June 15th, 2010

Flossie Alexander, Owner/President of You Can Now! Nutrition And Fitness Coaching has taken weight loss to a whole new level helping people all across the country achieve long-term weight loss and making the impossible become reality through nutrition and fitness coaching.

Flossie tells her story all across the country gaining national recognition. “I have battled weight issues all my life until I finally said “enough” and educated myself and overcame the constant ups and downs you get with yo-yo dieting.  During my heaviest weight, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and was on the cusp of having full-blown diabetes mellitus. I struggled to walk more than 10 feet and was looking at knee replacement surgery by the age of 40 if I chose to continue to follow the path of obesity. Weight loss became a priority. I needed to lose weight now! I tried all the weight loss diets many people do to lose weight, feel better and find a new passion, but they never helped me and I always found myself worse off than when I started. I needed to find a weight loss solution fast. In November 2006, I began to find the answers for myself and discovered a process for creating a healthier lifestyle that changed my mind, my body and my life. I have taken what I learned and gained the expertise to successfully share it with thousands of others”

You Can Now!  Nutrition And Fitness Coaching helps real people lose weight, maintain weight loss, or better their nutrition and fitness habits no matter what their situation is. We specialize in weight loss techniques that you can take with you for a lifetime. You can do it because WE have done it! Experienced nutrition and fitness weight loss coaches who have gone through the weight loss journey and now maintaining their weight loss helping YOU do the same!

Lifestyle coaching when applied to fitness, eating, self care and dream fulfillment leads to a transforming experience that changes perspectives and attitudes. You discover a new way of looking at being active, eating well, taking care of yourself and listening to your heart. With step by step You Can Now! Nutrition And Fitness Coaching, you get new tools, techniques and strategies to make changes and make them stick just like me! With the help of an experienced guide, the process leads to greater well-being. It is an enjoyable way to get healthy, fit and fulfilled. It empowers you to trust yourself and offers you the joy of movement, the pleasure of eating, and the wonderful feeling of reaching your personal best.


If you are at the crossroads or just fed up with not feeling your best and wanting to go in a different direction with your health, life, and fulfill your goals, you have come to the right place. You Can Now! Coaching Nutrition And Fitness will get you there!

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Flossie Alexander
Owner/Founder: You Can Now! Coaching Nutrition And Fitness, L.L.C.


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