Null Winds Technology – Spoke Fins Reduce Bicycle Wheel Drag in Crosswinds

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Spoke Fins cut bicycle spoke drag by more than 50%, even in crosswinds. Streamlined Spoke Fins snap onto the spoke and swivel like a wind vane in response to crosswinds.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) April 23rd, 2015

Null Winds Technology ( announces aerodynamic Spoke Fins, providing reduced wheel drag in crosswinds

Spoke Fins cut bicycle spoke drag by more than 50%, even in crosswinds. Made of tough nylon plastic, Spoke Fins are designed to fit most bicycles employing standard 14 gauge round spokes.

Streamlined Spoke Fins snap onto the spoke and swivel like a wind vane in response to variable crosswinds, which constantly change orientation as the wheel rotates. Spoke Fins are being introduced through a Kickstarter campaign seeking funds to purchase an 8-cavity injection mold for use in production.

Bicycle Spoke Fins:

  • Cut Spoke Drag more than 50%
  • Effective in both Headwinds and Crosswinds
  • Reduce Pedaling Effort in All Winds
  • Enhance Stability in Crosswinds
  • Colorful Fashion Accessory for the Kids’ Bicycle

Optimally streamlined Spoke Fins reduce the spoke drag coefficient by more than 50% in the critical, faster-moving, drag-inducing region located nearest the wheel rim.  Since round spokes have relatively high drag coefficients — thereby becoming the major contributor to overall wheel drag — reducing critical spoke drag also reduces total wheel drag.

IMG_3067-s.jpgSpoke Fins are also tapered lengthwise to reduce drag principally on the critical uppermost spokes, where wheel drag most retards vehicle propulsion. Spoke Fins swivel to reduce pedaling effort under any wind condition, becoming especially effective on typical recreational bicycles with higher spoke-counts.

The Spoke Fin is currently patent pending. More information is available on Kickstarter.

About Null Winds Technology

Null Winds Technology was founded in Los Angeles, California, by Garth Magee in order to introduce innovative wheel drag-reducing technology, first to the bicycle world. Shielding a bicycles’ faster-moving upper wheel surfaces from headwinds yields dramatic increases in speed without sacrificing crosswind stability. And gains in pedaling efficiency increase in rising headwinds. Potential future applications for this patent-pending energy-saving technology include electric bicycles and automotive vehicles that have exposed upper wheels, such as industrial trucks.

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