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Osgood Schlatters Disease is the most common cause of knee pain in growing children all over the world. The Strickland Protocol is now an affordable home based treatment that will enable millions of kids to be cured

London, United Kingdom (PRUnderground) November 15th, 2010

Osgood Schlatters is a painful condition affecting active kids from all over the world. Millions of kids would previously have to rest or put up with the pain until it had passed.

Typical treatment was traditionally time-consuming and expensive but this is no longer the case. A child can be cured within 3 weeks at home and what’s more this proven treatment is affordable to most families.

The scientific cure can now be practiced at home and simply downloaded from the web or the book can be purchased from Amazon or good high street book stores.

Read the incredible background to this venture. Find out how this magnificent partnership started, how it grew and how today almost any child sufferer in the world can be treated inexpensively and quickly.

Jenny Strickland, a Chartered Physiotherapist, treated Bill Goldie’s teenage daughter and later his son for Osgood Schlatters. Bill, as any caring father would be, was eternally grateful. So grateful that 5 years later he has persuaded Jenny Strickland to make available this home treatment to young sufferers regardless of their location by writing her ‘Home based Treatment Protocol’ in the form of a downloadable book. Of course the power of the internet enabled this to happen.

Bill explains “When we went to Jenny about our daughters condition all our research told us it could not be treated, only the pain controlled by traditional methods such as R.I.C.E (rest, ice, compression and elevation). Jenny showed us her results and we gave it a try, 2 weeks later our daughter was pain free and she as back in sport 2 weeks after this. This was despite her suffering for over 6 months“.

The treatment is carried out at home each day for just a few minutes by a parent or carer and this gave Bill the idea of opening up the treatment by harnessing the capabilities of the web.

Bill and Jenny launched the The Strickland Protocol book using Proact Solutions Ltd as the vehicle. Since then Jenny has been able to treat 300% more kids than she managed in 12 years of treating children in the south of England.

Jenny says “While it has been fantastic to see the results and happy children being treated in my clinic, it was frustrating for me to see the same old advice being promoted everywhere, such as ‘you just have to put up with the pain and wait until you grow out of the condition’, knowing that this will take on average 2 years out of their sporting and active lives”.

Jenny adds “my protocol regime is so simple yet so effective. I have now presented 2 scientific papers giving statistical proof that it works, and now my job is to get the word out into the medical community, and research further the actual mechanisms underlying it”.

Jenny concludes “ if I need more inspiration after a long day at university I just need to re-read some of the wonderful and uplifting testimonials sent by amazed parents and grateful kids.” These testimonials can be found on the Osgood Schlatters website.

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