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Before You Take Another Bite Call 32 Mondays Weight Loss Management School

Westport, CT (PRUnderground) September 9th, 2014

Right now in the US alone, there are 108 million people on a diet, yet many of those dieters will end up gaining the weight right back. Diets don’t work and many weight loss management practices are just in the business of selling fast diets, pills and other really ugly stuff.

According to Arantxa Mateo, owner of  32 Mondays Weight Loss Management School, “Our motto is ‘Food is a pleasure.  Nobody deserves to be on a diet.’ Our students will learn weight loss management skills that they will use for life.”

Let’s face facts, there is a lot of information out there and it is totally overwhelming. Not only that, it is misleading! Arantxa Mateo’s customized program 32 Mondays Weight Loss Management Method is easy to understand, follow and maintain.  For her clients, she outlines the major weight loss management mistakes and how to overcome them.

It’s back to nutrition basics, as she demystifies and clarifies what is important and what is not. 32 Mondays is not only about WHAT to eat but WHEN to eat.  Arantxa Mateo helps bust those “diet” misconceptions too such as:

  • Snacks are necessary for weight management.
  • Let’s talk about sugar. Not all sugars are created equal and that learning to manage insulin is more important that just cutting out sugar.
  • That butter can help lose weight.
  • Ditch the Zero calorie drinks. Say yes to a glass of wine.
  • Pasta really isn’t that bad.
  • Don’t mix that sports bar with your workout.

Has summer left you with a more than a few extra pounds? Your kids are back to school, but that doesn’t mean you have to go back to those diets that make you miserable, only to gain back the weight. For all new clients, 32 Mondays Weight Loss Management School is now offering 50% off the first session through the end September. Use the code BTS. Face to face, conference calls and video-conference sessions are available.

For more information visit, contact Arantxa Mateo at 203-451-9355 or email her at


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