New Video Shows “1000 Ghostly Apparitions”

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New York, NY (PRUnderground) March 5th, 2015

A new video uploaded to purports to show no less than 1000 “ghostly apparitions” appearing at a particular spot on the West Balcony of Grand Central Station in New York.

The 36-minute video entitled “1000 Ghostly Apparitions on a Balcony” was compiled from more than 500 color photos taken by blogger Mark Mahin. The photos were taken on the East Balcony of Grand Central Station, facing the West Balcony. Each of the photos was cropped to show a small part of the middle of the station’s West Balcony.

“While examining my photos, I noticed a strange recurrence of anomalous sights at this particular location of the West Balcony, a spot about 20 feet wide,” says Mahin. “Hundreds of my photographs of this one small spot seem to show translucent ghost-like apparitions. The apparitions show a wide variety of extremely strange misty faces, many of them resembling animal faces or faces of strange creatures never seen before.”

Mahin says the photos are entirely authentic and unaltered. He says people can verify that the photos haven’t been faked by using “photo fake detection” sites such as to analyze frames from the video.

Mahin does not claim that these “apparitions” are proof of some kind of life after death, but he does think that the apparitions suggest the existence of some type of unexplained paranormal reality. Mahin says he has taken several other types of paranormal photos, which can be seen at his web site

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