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New Study Shows Women Who Flirt Get Better Car Deals

Industry: Automotive

Men still seem to be getting the best New Car Deals, (unless you want your wife to try flirting that is) if so you could save a further 20%.

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) October 25th, 2012

Men still seem to be getting the best New Car Deals. But if you are married and the sales person is a man you could always try getting your wife to flirt…

If you feel you can get a better New Car Deal than the other sex, complete AutoeBid’s online competition to find out.

Back in May 2006 New Car buying service AutoeBid published an article “Battle of the sexes – women ripped-off on new cars”, highlighting how women are getting ripped of when buying a new car.

The article highlighted a survey that illustrated women were on average paying £500 more for their new car than men. The only exception was found by US and UK researchers commissioned by the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin who carried out experiments, to be women using their “charm” to get a better discount.

The experiment used 100 men & women and found without doubt that women who used their charm, including “looking the sales person up and down, leaning forward and touching their arm” were able to obtain a deal 20% better than without flirting.

Most statistics still suggest that women are still coming off worst when it comes to negotiating the best deal on new cars here in the UK; which made us wonder why more women do not use our service, as any woman using our service is anonymous and would get exactly the same outstanding deal a man could get when buying a new car.

We created a video illustrating how easily women were able to get the best new car deals – while their husbands go out wasting time trying to negotiate deals. Our video on how women can get the best deal is available to view here.


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