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New Study Rates Television As More Persuasive Than Digital Media, Stats Released in Ron Geskey’s Com

Industry: Advertising

Media Planning & Buying in the 21st Century outlines effectiveness of television media versus digital media.

Auburn Hills, Michigan (PRUnderground) May 18th, 2015

In today’s seemingly digital-driven world, advertisers often ask if television is more effective than digital media. 2020:Marketing Communications LLC has released a brand new study regarding how consumers perceive the effectiveness of major offline and online media in addressing a variety of communications objectives. The results of the study will be exclusively released in installments from Media Planning & Buying in the 21st Century. The first installment will cover the results of consumers’ perceptions of the persuasiveness of media.

Advertising is ultimately geared towards persuasion, the act of convincing consumers of product superiority, value, sex appeal, or other psychological benefits. To address the objective with media options, consumers were asked to rate advertising mediums that they found to be the most persuasive in creating purchase interest for a quality product or service.

The study found that television was the top-rated medium, with 40% of respondents believing that television was the most persuasive medium for creating purchase interest in a product or service. Additionally, search engines were ranked most persuasive by 19% of respondents. Magazines and internet video advertising each ranked as most persuasive respectively by 10% of respondents each, while online display was found to be the most persuasive by 9%. Radio came in sixth place with 6%, mobile ads followed with 5%, and newspapers came in last with 2%.

“An important thread in these findings is that, while consumers rated television #1, internet video advertising was also rated importantly as an adjunct to television with 10%. The audio/video presentation likely superceded the means of transmitting the message,” said Ron Geskey, author of Media Planning & Buying in the 21st Century.

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