New Social Network Turns People’s Voice and Cyberactivism Into Positive Actions for Our Society

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YOVOX, a new player in social media, is the first social network which donates all its profits to causes chosen democratically by its community.

Barcelona, Spain (PRUnderground) October 23rd, 2013

Imminent launch of YOVOX, the first global network that translates digital opinions into positives actions.In a world where social media are all about business and profits, YOVOX sets up a new deal: to use the power of social networks for the better good.The idea is born in the midst of the global crisis and the recent worldwide protests, inspired by the rise of cyberactivism. Its purpose is not only to offer the first platform conceived from its origin to take part in public debate, but also to overcome one of the major challenges cyberactivism faces nowadays: to translate digital opinions into positive actions.

To achieve this, the network will be managed by a non-profit foundation supporting Human Rights.The network combines all the current social media tools in one platform with a clean, and intuitive interface. All the contents will be public and published under a Creative Commons License  in order to ease the debate and invite users to interact with new members. Anyone can write and post anything on YOVOX -within the limits of the law- but members are per se defenders of Human Rights, since the non-profit foundation which operates the network officially supports them.

This implies that the money collected from the network, through advertisement -like in most networks- or through a small monthly subscription fee for those who prefer a “clean surfing”, will be donated to defend causes voted by the community, in a democratic way.

Each member will be able to choose among a list of causes such as Human Rights, of course, but also Ecology, Equality, Animal Defense, Civil Liberties, to mention a few. YOVOX will act for its community, donating its profits to NGOs and associations working in the field for those causes. That way, activism on the Internet can have a tangible effect in the real world.

From now on, social media users have a choice: posting and sharing on networks whose main purpose is profit, or doing the same in a platform which acts for the society in the name of its members.

Conceived by Laurent Botti, French renown writer whose novels have been translated into 12 languages, and Nicolás Ivanhoe, Computing and IT student and co-organizer of the 15M demonstration in Spain, precursor of the Occupy Movement in the USA, the network is currently under development, supervised by Javier Bustos, programmer and co-founder.

The official launch will be on February 2014. In the meantime, beta testers eager to take part in the adventure are welcome to apply on the official website.


YOVOX is a global social network with a singular purpose: to turn people’s voice into positive actions for our society. Ethical and transparent, YOVOX gives the possibility to all the social media users to act for the better good just by sharing and publishing, through a unique way of working: it is operated by a non-profit foundation which donates its profits to causes chosen democratically by its community.

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