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New Self Watering Garden Pot Designed for Gardening and Hydroponics Enthusiasts Now Available

Industry: Horticulture

A new innovative garden pot with a self watering system has recently been released to gardeners to help them grow their plants bigger and strong than ever.

San Francisco, CA (PRUnderground) May 8th, 2014

Global Garden Friends, an innovator in the gardening and hydroponics industries, is now introducing a new garden product produced by Octopot Garden Systems, called the Octopot.

The Octopot Garden Pot is a brand new garden product which has a self-watering system which automatically waters plants for up to 2 weeks depending on their size and stage. Plants grown with this system are fed and watered on demand only taking in what they need so water and fertilizer never get wasted.

Octopot Garden Systems have worked for years to create a design that delivers optimum amounts of moisture and air necessary for healthy root development and root branching. Feeding plants through the water reservoir makes the nutrients delivered by fertilizer directly available to plant roots. Plant roots that consistently feed on demand are healthier and grow faster.

The Octopot's exclusive external water reservoir holds 7 gallons. The reservoir lid fits tightly in its base and offers 3 conveniently located watering access holes and covers.

The lid also includes an easy to see built-in water level indicator showing you how much water is in the reservoir at a glance. The Octopot is portable and does not rely on electricity or batteries so gardeners can use it anywhere outdoors and indoors with adequate light.

The Octopot Garden comes with Octopot’s Hydro Wick and Gro Sleeve.

The Hydro Wick sits under the soil and regulates moisture to the plant, never under-watering or over-watering. It locks in place to the water reservoir to stabilize tall plants with heavy canopies. The Gro Sleeve holds 1.33 cubic feet (5-7 gallons) of growing media and easily adjusts by rolling it up or down to accommodate your plant.

Octopot’s Gro Sleeve is designed to allow extra air to penetrate the soil for accelerated root growth that produces larger plants with bigger yields. It replaces plastic and ceramic containers that constrict roots causing unhealthy plant conditions of root circling and root rot.

The Octopot Garden Pot retails for $48.95, and can be purchased on Global Garden Friends webstore or on

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Global Garden Friends is a company dedicated to creating uniform, organized, and optimal gardening systems that works WITH your plants, not against them. Their first and flagship product is the “Ultimate Plant Cage.” Their latest hot seller is the “Ultimate Plant Clip”. Let the good times grow!

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