New Horse Probiotic keeping Equines Healthier from Great Gut

Industry: Animals & Pets is offering an equine specific probiotic packed supplement known as Great-Gut for enhancing your horse's health.

Wellington, FL (PRUnderground) November 24th, 2015 strives to make the healthiest supplements for horses and their passion for horses has resulted in the creation of Great-Gut, an equine specific probiotic.

Great-Gut is “Great” for a horse’s gut as it is a rich probiotic supplement. has manufactured this product for providing the best supplements for improving horse health. In an interview with press, one of the spokespersons from the company said, “Great-Gut is not merely a horse supplement, but it is a dream that we have been working on for quite some time now. We are a team of people who are passionate about horses and the equestrian community. And in order to keep our horses healthy, we have come up with the best probiotics supplement for horses. This equine specific supplement is great for your horse’s stomach.”

The spokesperson went on to say, “Great-Gut also has additional benefits including enhanced equine performance and alertness. We want to make sure that horses are able to perform the way they are designed to. Horses are strong and intelligent beings, and Great-Gut is the perfect horse supplement for giving them what they deserve. This supplement is also easy to feed to the horses as it is in the liquid-form. We wanted to offer a liquid supplement because it has a greater effect and also convenient for the horse owner”

Probiotics-for-Horses-Great-Gut.jpegProbiotics are extremely beneficial for horse health. The strong beings that they are, they require massive energy that they can use for different tasks. Their body also requires a lot of strength that they can only get from proper diet and supplements. Adding probiotics to a horse’s meal enhances the nutrition that it is taking and improving its digestive functions as well.

The spokesperson from further added, “We guarantee that this product will help relieve stress off of your horse. This supplement is especially useful for those who train horses for racing purposes. Great-Gut is also good for the digestive system and has the ability to kill harmful bacteria and viruses. This supplement preserves the good bacteria in your horses gut, allowing the digestive system to easily breakdown fiber and fatty acids.”

winter-jumping-horse.jpgGreat-Gut Equine Probiotic consists of natural organic acids that are good for horses. Today’s horses do not get enough organic greens, which used to be their primary source of energy in the past. With the lack of natural diet, it is natural for horses to develop different illnesses. Therefore, it is important to consider adding horse probiotics into their diet and provide your horse with the microorganisms that it needs to carry out everyday activities.

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