Net-Dyn Announces Release of New Wi-Fi USB Adapter

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The new adapter is currently available on and offers upgraded connectivity options.

Tampa Bay, FL (PRUnderground) February 19th, 2015

Net-Dyn is happy to announce the release of its new innovative and more integrated Wi-Fi USB adapter that is now available on Amazon store. The product caters to the need of internet users for excellent support that enables them to enjoy their wireless online experience. The Wi-Fi adapter is perfect for PC and Mac for desktop and laptop plug-in. It provides excellent reception and life time guarantee to users.

To date, most people utilize computer and internet for doing their daily task either at work or at home. Most people who use computers also access the internet on a regular basis which only means that their device must be connected online at all times. When the connection is lost, users usually connect their computers directly to the cable line or telephone line to get internet service. As the technology advanced, users can connect to the internet with the use of routers and other devices such as the Wi-Fi USB adapter. This device allows more flexibility to internet users as it allows them to connect to the internet wirelessly.

Using Wi-Fi USB adapter offers numerous advantages to internet users. Wireless networking offers users with added degree of connectivity and flexibility for moth personal and business use. It frees them from using cables to be hardwired to network device or to a router. It receives signals from wireless device or wireless router and translates these signals on their computer device. This allows computer users to go mobile as they can access the internet anywhere and anytime they want.

Wi-Fi USB adapters eliminate the need of users to install internal hardware in order to access the internet. This prevents damaging of wireless adapter card or the device itself during the installation of hardware inside the computer. USB Wi-Fi adapters can be simply plug into the computer’s USB port, no installation required. Likewise, USB Wi-Fi adapters eliminates the need to put cables throughout the entire office or home and eliminates the need for users to upgrade their computer in order to get excellent internet access.

Net-Dyn Wi-Fi USB Adapter is a good buy Wi-Fi adapter with its high quality specs and features. The device is perfect for PC and MAC. It supports 802.11n protocol and offers excellent reception and internet speed. It is small enough to plug in and supports Windows 8. “I just built a small office in my underground basement. My wireless signal was very weak at about 0.75 mbps out of 20 mbps. I decided to order this product based on many stellar reviews and it far exceeded my expectations. I would have been happy with 4-5 mbps but it picked up the full capacity of my signal at nearly 20 mbps. It was just as good as if I was next to my wireless router. This product is amazing! I am not one to write many reviews but I had to take the time to share how great this adapter is. Setup was very easy too,” said Bikash Neupane, one of the device users.

Learn more about Net-Dyn Wi-Fi USB Adapter by visiting Amazon at

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