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Nelson Mandela FBI & State Department Files available online

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BACM Research/ has announced the publishing of Nelson Mandela FBI & State Department Files

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) May 30th, 2014

BACM Research/ has announced the publishing of Nelson Mandela FBI & State Department Files available at:

According to Jerry Spencer, research director at, “these files were released by the FBI on May 28, 2014 in response to a Freedom of Information Act Request. The files contain both FBI and State Department documents, covering the former ANC leader and president of South Africa (1994–1999), Nelson Mandela.”

The files primarily date from May 1990 to October 2000. The subject of most of the documents in this release, which were produced by the FBI, concerns the safety of Nelson Mandela during his visits to the United States. The State Department files also mentions Mandela’s political and foreign relations activities.

A highlight among the files according to Spencer is a 1990 FBI Atlanta Field Office memo sent to FBI director William Sessions. “This memo informs Director Sessions that the Bureau had obtained a new confidential informant within Mandela’s inner-circle. This informant provided Mandela’s travel plans for his first visit to the United States, four months after his release from a South African prison,” says Spencer.

Other content of interest in the files:

A memo reports that Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, perused a meeting with Mandela during his first visit to the United States. However, the two men did not meet for the first time until a Farrakhan visit to South Africa in 1996.

The documents record the onslaught of threats made against Mandela and the FBI and State Department’s job of keeping Mandela safe during his visits to the United States. Memos show the investigative activity by the FBI to find those who made threats against Mandela.

The files include a threat analysis prepared the State Department’s Office of Intelligence and Threat Analysis and shared with the FBI. The memo identified the threat to Mandela’s safety as emanating from hate groups and the mentally disturbed.

State Department memos received by the FBI after Mandela returned home after his first visit to the Unites States, reports on the ANC leader’s health and political activity in South Africa and Europe.


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