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The firm is offering pre-publication rates on its“Markets for Sensors in the Internet-of-Things 2014-2021” and “Sensors for the Industrial Internet” reports.

Glen Allen, VA (PRUnderground) October 7th, 2014

Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets today announced that it has added two new reports to its schedule that will address the growing use of sensors in IoT based applications.  The reports, “Markets for Sensors in the Internet-of-Things 2014-2021” and “Sensors for the Industrial Internet” are set for release in late October and early November of 2016. Details of each upcoming study are available at

The firm has announced pre-publication rates on the studies.  Details available on the NanoMarkets website.

About the Reports:

Markets for Sensors in the Internet-of-Things 2014-2021

The much-heralded arrival of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) will lead to a remaking of the sensor industry, generating hundreds of new opportunities for Internet-connected sensors.  This is the first time we are seeing a mass market emerge for novel sensor types; IoT insiders are now talking about billions of sensors being deployed.  Also, the sensors required by the IoT will have special requirements, notably for low cost, low power consumption and secure connectivity. As a result, the IoT is already reshaping the sensor industry, opening up the market to new entrants and creating new challenges for existing sensor makers to ramp up volumes and form new business ecosystems that can help ensure success in new markets.

In 2013, NanoMarkets published the first industry analysis covering the new sensor opportunities brought about by the rise of IoT.   In this report, we bring the story up to date, based on the latest IoT deployments and products.

As in the previous report we provide coverage of six types of sensor:  light, heat, touch/pressure, motion, acoustic and gas/chemical.  The report also focuses on six applications areas that NanoMarkets believes are key to the rapid growth in revenues that are expected in the IoT sensor business.  These applications are: home automation, commercial building automation, media and gaming, healthcare, industrial applications, and transportation.

This report contains granular eight-year forecasts of all of these applications with breakouts of the kinds of sensors and hubs used in each and in both volume and value terms.  There is also a revenue forecast by geography.  The report also discusses the strategies and products of firms that are already hooked into the opportunities that IoT sensors present.

Sensors for the Industrial Internet

This NanoMarkets report identifies the main business opportunities for sensors resulting from Industrial Internet deployment.   This new study includes:

An analysis of current and future sensor requirements of the Industrial Internet and how new types of sensor products will emerge to meet these needs.  This assessment also analyzes the connectivity and standardization trends that NanoMarkets believes will be crucial to the market evolution of sensors for the Industrial Internet.

An assessment of the changing data gathering requirements in major industries and how these will impact the need for sensors.  The networked sensor needs for both building automation and factory automation are discussed in detail in this report.  In addition, we focus on the specific requirements for Industrial Internet sensors in the automotive, aerospace, smart highways, electricity, and oil and gas sectors

Eight-year forecasts with breakouts by (1) types of sensors and (2) the industry sectors in which they are deployed.  Both value and volume numbers are included in these forecasts.  These forecasts take into consideration a variety of scenarios including regulatory and economic trends as well as how the deployment of Industrial Internets to smaller industrial facilities and common machine tools will impact the Industrial Internet sensor business

An analysis of the product/market strategies of sensor firms as well as those in the monitoring equipment and other related sectors with regard to Industrial Internet opportunities.  We also provide NanoMarkets’ list of the top six most influential firms in the emerging industrial Internet business.

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