n-tech Research Issues Research Note On Perovskite Photovoltaics Materials

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The paper is available for download from the firm's website free of charge

Glen Allen, VA (PRUnderground) June 3rd, 2015

Industry analyst firm n-tech Research today announced it has released a new research note updating the firm’s views on perovskite PV, the new wonder kid for the solar industry.  The paper titled, Perovskite PV: Updating Our Views on Progress and Commercialization Timelines“ is available for download from the firm’s website at:  http://ntechresearch.com/articles/perovskite-pv-updating-our-views-on-progress-and-commercialization .  There is no cost to access the paper:

From the Paper:

  • Perovskites, the new wonder material for solar photovoltaics (PV), continue to garner impressive attention. Its ascendance has been so impressive that two of the pioneers of dye-sensitized solar (DSC), Dyesol and Oxford PV, are betting their futures on it.  And there are good reasons that this material captured the industry’s fancy.
  • One estimate suggests there are more than a thousand labs worldwide now working on perovskite materials. Much has to be not only improved in perovskite-based PV, but the material itself is wide open for further exploration and understanding. Recent progress in the past few months illustrates just how high the ceiling — and hurdles — seem to be.
  • The promises are immensely attractive: delivering most of organic photovoltaics’ (OPV) benefits with efficiencies surpassing thin-film technologies and rivaling c-Si PV, and utilizing much simpler and cheaper manufacturing processes. At this point, though, the hurdles remain the same, and familiar to any organic materials-based device: proving it can be produced in large areas, and with long lifetimes in the neighborhood of other solar PV products.
  • What kind of challenge does perovskite pose to other solar PV technologies? Thin-film PV (particularly CIGS) and perovskites would seem to have some overlaps in targeted end markets, most especially BIPV. Silicon-based PV, meanwhile, rules the world of flat-panel PV installations on buildings and ground-mount fields.
  • Interestingly Dyesol claims it will go after utility, rooftop, and stand-alone installations first, and then target building integrated applications (BIPV) “in later development stages.” Company assessments suggest materials pricing of as little as $2/m2 , less than a tenth of current liquid DSC materials.
  • Tandem cells with perovskite and CIGS/silicon would seem to present the earliest opportunity to get this technology into end markets of BIPV and eventually flat-panel solar systems. However, BIPV has stubbornly resisted breaking out into a major end-market. c-Si technology and manufacturing is well established, but a glaring lack of profitability means changes and cost-adders are deeply scrutinized.
  • We applaud Dyesol and Oxford PV’s commercialization plans, although to our thinking a 2017-2018 timeframe still feels a little aggressive. What we will continue to watch for, however, is how all the research interest in perovskites — in labs and by hopeful suppliers — may eventually evolve into actionable interest from investors. More improvements, particularly in hybrid devices and low-cost production techniques, likely will attract interest from within the industry and also from capital markets.
  • As technology sector histories have shown, that’s often the true catalyst to solving development and commercialization issues and getting products ready for markets.

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