n-tech Research Announces Upcoming Report on Smart Mirrors Due for April 2015 Release

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The report is a new and revised analysis of the space that the firm did back in 2013 and continues the work the firm has done in smart coatings, surfaces and materials.

Glen Allen, VA (PRUnderground) April 16th, 2015

Industry analyst n-tech Research today announced that it plans to issue a new report of the smart mirrors market.  The report is a new and revised analysis of the space that the firm did back in 2013 and continues the work the firm has done in smart coatings, surfaces and materials.  The report titled,”Smart Mirrors Technologies and Markets, 2015-2022will be released the week of April 27th.  Additional details are available at: http://ntechresearch.com/market_reports/smart-mirrors-technologies-and-markets-2015-2022

The firm has issued an article titled, “The Evolution of Smart Mirrors” related to the report at: http://ntechresearch.com/articles/the-evolution-of-smart-mirrors

About the Report:

Two years have passed since n-tech Research’s previous report on smart mirrors the technologies that enable them.  The firm notes that the market is tracking what it had predicted in 2013:
·         It is more evident today that imbuing the humble mirror with additional smart functionalities is increasingly a conversation about what types of electronics can be embedded within it, often in concert: cameras, displays, lights, touch and gesture recognition, and various types of sensors.
·         The use of self-dimming coatings for automotive mirrors remains important, but other kinds of smart coatings –self cleaning and self-healing have yet to really prove their worth in the mirrors business
Meanwhile, smart mirrors are pushing further into the spotlight. In automotive, the core safety function of a reflective mirror (both internal and external) is being forced to accommodate higher-tech capabilities such as cameras and displays, which is changing the game for suppliers.

We also are seeing a recent wave of activity in smart mirrors in retail and consumer environments, with some very large brand names now implementing pilot programs. Alongside them are some equally major technology giants — including one that’s attempting to mesh the worlds of e-commerce and retail.

The question remains as to whether the smart mirror has crossed a threshold, where functionality and electronics are in the spotlight, arguably more than the mirror itself.

In this report n-tech Research updates our evaluation of the various types of technologies that companies are using to make mirrors “smart,” while noting how different sectors may have different value propositions. We also explore the various market drivers for “smart mirrors” the four key end-market sectors: automotive, home/consumer, retail/commercial, and medical/healthcare. We provide eight-year forecasts for the various “smart” technologies in each sector, both in volumes and in value terms.

This report is designed to provide guidance for marketing, business, and technology executives from not only the traditional “mirror” sector (i.e. glass and coatings), but also from the various electronics sectors providing these “smart” functionalities, particularly displays, touch sensors, and consumer electronics. We also believe this report will be valuable to evaluators in these end-markets as they evaluate how such “smart mirrors” are evolving to meet their unique application requirements.

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