n-tech Announces White Paper on Smart Structures in Construction Products Industry

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The paper is being issued in advance of a report due in mid-February "Smart Structures in the Construction Industry: A Market and Technology Forecast – 2016 to 2025"

Glen Allen, VA (PRUnderground) February 8th, 2016

Industry analyst firm n-tech Research has issued a new paper in advance of its upcoming report, “Smart Structures in the Construction Industry:  A Market and Technology Forecast – 2016 to 2025” that will be issued in mid-February of 2016.  The paper, “Smart Structures in the Construction Sector: Evolving into a Major Market Opportunity” can be accessed from the firm’s website at no cost at: http://ntechresearch.com/images/uploads/Smart_Structures_Buildings.pdf

n-tech believes that the market for smart structures in buildings, bridges and tunnels is about to take off as new business cases for deployment of smart structures begin to appear.  Traditionally smart structures have been used to provide disaster avoidance, especially through the use of structural health monitoring (SHM) systems; themselves a rapidly growing market.  However, we are now seeing the functionality of smart structures expand to include improving enhanced energy efficiency, lowering the cost of construction, increasing the lifespan of the building and even improving the aesthetics of the building.

These new developments fit in very well with the current buzz about the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and smart cities and we believe this megatrend will help boost the prospects for smart structures in the construction industry worldwide.  As a result we expect to see important new revenue generation potential for suppliers of smart materials, building materials firms, SHM system suppliers, energy companies and the construction firms themselves.

About the Report:
Further details about the upcoming report are available at: http://ntechresearch.com/market_reports/smart-structures-in-the-construction-industry-a-market-and-technology-forec

This report pinpoints the opportunities for smart structures in the construction industry and quantifies them in form of ten-year volume and value forecasts.  These forecasts include breakouts by type of technology, materials, and components used.  And while the current focus of smart structures is on large prestige buildings, this report also discusses how current technology trends will bring the benefits of smart structures down to smaller buildings and residential construction.

The forecasts in this report are also segmented by the geographical location of the building in which the smart structures are used – all construction is local and the forecasting models used here are designed to map smart building activities in specific countries and regions into our projections.  For example, we have specifically taken account of activity in the Middle East in this report, because so many smart buildings are being constructed in this region at the present time with smart structures inside.

The analysis in this report ranges over the complete value chain and covers materials, components and final products. Our intent is to provide a technological roadmap for smart structures in the construction, showing how they can create value by enhancing the safety, energy efficiency, aesthetics, and lifetimes of buildings.  This roadmap analyzes the revenue generation potential for smart structures in buildings ranging from existing products such as smart windows and SHM systems, through the latest self-cleaning walls to future smart skins using the most advanced smart materials.

Finally, this report examines the product market strategies of leading suppliers active in this space.  This analysis includes both the largest firms playing at the international level and interesting new startups.  We also examine where the funding for these companies is coming including a look at important government funding for smart structure deployment in the construction industry.

About n-tech Research

n-tech Research is the leading provider of market research and industry analysis for the advanced materials sector, with a special focus on the latest functional and smart materials. The company is the next evolution of NanoMarkets and represents a rebrand and more from what has been an extremely successful firm that started back in 2004.

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