n-tech Announces Upcoming Report on Smart Antimicrobial Coatings and Surfaces

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Report expected for late August, available at pre-publication rates through August 28th

Glen Allen, VA (PRUnderground) August 12th, 2015

Industry analyst firm n-tech Research has announced a new report that will be issued in late August 2015 titled, “Markets for Smart Antimicrobial Coatings and Surfaces – 2015 to 2022.”  The report continues the firm’s coverage of the emerging smart materials, coatings and surfaces space.  Previously issued 2015 reports include reports on smart coatings, smart surfaces, smart windows, self-healing materials and smart mirrors.  The firm also plans to issue another report in late August titled, “Color-Shifting Materials Market Opportunities – 2015 to 2022.”

For additional details please visit:  http://ntechresearch.com/market_reports/markets-for-smart-antimicrobial-coatings-and-surfaces-2015-to-2022

About the Report:
Markets for Smart Antimicrobial Coatings and Surfaces – 2015 to 2022

Smart antimicrobial coatings and surfaces represent an important element of the smart materials space.  The market for smart antimicrobial coatings and surfaces is driven by the need to selectively combat new threats from bacteria, viruses and fungi.  Also important to the future of smart antimicrobial coatings is the mandate to reduce hospital-acquired infections. But, the opportunity for antimicrobial surfaces extends well beyond healthcare facilities. In a growing number of cases, the next generation of antimicrobial coatings and surfaces will be smart enough to kill harmful microbes while leaving the beneficial ones, or will combine antimicrobial action with the ability to self-clean.

In this report, n-tech discusses the latest products and R&D in smart antimicrobials from a business perspective and how large specialty chemical and pharma companies, as well as start-ups are developing their strategies to take advantages to smart antimicrobial opportunities.

Materials and Technology

This report provides complete coverage of the latest materials used to create effective antimicrobial coatings and surfaces.  It also discusses the technologies that are evolving that will make such products truly smart.  Among the topics analyzed are:

  • Silver and nanosilver
  • Copper
  • Hydrogels
  • Chitosan
  • Silanes
  • Sulfates
  • Graphene and carbon nanotubes
  • Role of biomaterials and biotechnology
  • Combining antimicrobial action with self-cleaning and self-healing
  • Target specificity
  • Time release mechanisms
  • Safety, biocompatibility and environmental/toxicity concerns
  • Coating requirements for different kinds of surface

Included in this analysis is discussion of how these technologies and materials are being commercialized to produce smart antimicrobial coatings and surfaces.
Applications and Markets for Smart Antimicrobial Coatings and Surfaces
This report also includes an analysis of the application areas where we see smart antimicrobials surfaces and coatings generating significant revenues in the next decade.  These include:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Medical implants, surgical equipment and laboratory equipment
  • Kitchens, restaurants and appliances
  • Agriculture and veterinary
  • Other residential, commercial and public buildings
  • Consumer electronics
  • Clothing and textiles

Eight-Year Forecasts

This report contains detailed forecasts of the antimicrobial surfaces and coatings market:

  • Revenue ($ Millions)
  • Volume (square meters)
  • By application
  • By materials and technology

Strategic profiles

In this report n-tech also examines the product/market strategies of the firms to watch in this space including their current R&D programs.  Coverage includes

  • Dow Corning
  • DSM Biomedical
  • Life Material Technology
  • PPG Architectural Coatings
  • AK Coatings
  • Bio-Gate
  • Dunmore
  • Lima Corporate/Biosuma
  • Sciessant
  • Specialty Coating Systems

The evaluation of antimicrobial coatings and surfaces markets in this report is based on interviews with key influencers in these markets, as well as numerous secondary resources.  It also draws on n-tech’s insider knowledge of the smart materials business, including smart antimicrobials.

We believe that this report will be invaluable reading for marketing and business development specialists in coatings firms, specialty chemical companies, pharma and the biotech industry.

About n-tech Research

n-tech Research is the leading provider of market research and industry analysis for the advanced materials sector, with a special focus on the latest functional and smart materials. The company is the next evolution of NanoMarkets and represents a rebrand and more from what has been an extremely successful firm that started back in 2004.

Our reports and services are designed to identify the latest business opportunities, whether they involve printing, coating, or patterning materials. Our client roster is a who’s who of companies in specialty chemicals, materials, electronics applications and manufacturing.

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