n-tech Announces Upcoming Report, “Markets for Shape Memory Alloys and Polymers-2016-2023”

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In this report we identify the revenue generation potential over the next eight years for shape memory materials – both alloys and polymers

Glen Allen, VA (PRUnderground) November 5th, 2015

Industry analyst firm n-tech Research today announced that it has added a new report to the firm’s schedule.  The report titled,  “Markets for Shape Memory Alloys and Polymers-2016-2023” will be issued in December of 2015 and continues the firm’s smart materials coverage. Additional details are available at http://ntechresearch.com/market_reports/markets-for-shape-memory-alloys-and-polymers-2016-2023.

About the Report:

Shape memory materials are polymers or alloys that when deformed return to its pre-deformed shape when stimulated in some way – typically by heat.  They are the archetypical smart material and potentially represent an efficient and cost effective replacement for conventional actuators in a very broad range of end user sectors including automotive, aerospace, biomedical and robotics.  Smart memory materials are themselves also an important component of smart composites.

In this report we identify the revenue generation potential over the next eight years for shape memory materials – both alloys and polymers:

A key objective of this report is to discuss how the latest technological trends – for example to light- and electroactive shape memory polymers (SMPs), or to novel shape memory alloys (SMAs) will expand addressable markets and create new opportunities for both major firms and start-ups.

Included in this analysis will be an analysis of how particular shape memory materials are likely to perform in the marketplace and how SMAs and SMPs are most likely to find their respective niches and price points

This report also analyzes how end-user markets for shape memory materials are changing.

In putting together this report n-tech has drawn on its extensive experience in the smart materials space as well as interviews with key companies shaping these markets.  n-tech believes that this report will provide valuable insight into smart memory materials markets that will benefit marketing and business development executives from various parts of the supply chain, including raw material suppliers, chemical and coatings companies, specialized smart memory firms and OEMs, as well as investors with an interest in the smart materials business.

Applications and Markets

This report provides identifies the applications areas where n-tech believes shape memory materials and surfaces have a real opportunity to move beyond the lab to high-volume commercial applications. Applications covered in this report include:

·         Medical, healthcare and dentistry

·         Aerospace

·         Automotive

·         Construction

·         Robotics

·         Textiles

Eight-Year Forecasts for Shape Memory Materials

This report contains detailed forecasts of volume (in square meters and units) and revenue (in $ millions), broken down by:

·         End application, intermediate materials, and product type

·         Type of material

·         Fabrication method

Profiles of Key Players

This report evaluates the product/market strategies of the leading suppliers in the hydrophobic space.   Firms that are discussed in this report include

·         Admedes Schuessler

·         Aerofits Products

·         BASF

·         Burpee Materials

·         CDF Chimie

·         Cornerstone Research

·         Covestro

·         Diaplex

·         DSM

·         DuPont

·         Dynalloy

·         EchoBio

·         Endoshape

·         Endosmart

·         Euroflex

·         Evonik

·         Fort Wayne Metals

·         Intrinsic Devices

·         Johnson Matthey

·         Lightek

·         MarkeTech

·         MedShape

·         Memory-Metalle

·         Memry Corporation

·         MetalTek

·         Metalwerks PMD

·         Nitinol Devices & Components

·         SAES Getters

·         SAES Memory Company

·         NONA Composites

·         Shape Memory Applications

·         Shape Memory Therapeutics

·         SMP Technologies

·         Special Metals Corp.

·         SPinTech Veritex

·         Szygy Memory Plastics

·         TiNi Alloy Co.

·         Ultimate NiTi Technologies

·         Ultimate Wireforms

About n-tech Research

n-tech Research is the leading provider of market research and industry analysis for the advanced materials sector, with a special focus on the latest functional and smart materials. The company is the next evolution of NanoMarkets and represents a rebrand and more from what has been an extremely successful firm that started back in 2004.

Our reports and services are designed to identify the latest business opportunities, whether they involve printing, coating, or patterning materials. Our client roster is a who’s who of companies in specialty chemicals, materials, electronics applications and manufacturing.

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