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Model Launcher salutes Photographer "Paul Cobo" South Beach, Miami.

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South Beach, Miami (PRUnderground) August 12th, 2014

Profile: South Beach Photographer Paul Cobo

South Beach is known the world over for not only it’s beautiful people but its breathtaking tropical landscape. People come from all over just to take photos on South Beach’s pristine shores and exotic locations. Local fashion photographer Paul Cobo, has been doing just that for over a decade in Miami Beach.

Paul Cobo is Columbian and born and raised in South Florida and has been passionate of photography from a very young age. Through taking pictures as a kid and then taking photos of spy planes during the Gulf War, Cobo has had time to comb his skills for the art of photo taking. Since then, he has moved into the fashion industry and has become one of the top photographers in Miami. When he’s not shooting models and new products, he is busy with his wife and three kids.

Looking through Cobo’s portfolio, it permeates with the beauty that makes up South Beach. Cobo says “fashion is different here, it’s always tropical and that’s appealing.” Cities like New York are “more traditional” Cobo says, but here in Miami there is a huge market for “swimwear, luxury living, resorts, the carribbean, the keys…” This opens up huge opportunities for both commercial photographers and models. Cobo has shot plenty of models that have come down from NY for the sole purpose of adding beach photos to their portfolio since their city is void of that opportunity.

Cobo is not your typical South Beach fashion photographer, he invests time and effort into helping members of the local fashion industry by bettering themselves and their public appeal. He helps local brands, companies and designers by professionally photographing their products and he helps established or emerging models by providing them with striking portfolio pictures. “It’s all about the best pictures possible, making the viewer look twice and really engaging them,” says Cobo. There is tantamount importance in investing in high quality photos when trying to advance your brand or look.

The photographer also has some advice to lend to emerging models who are trying to break into the industry; “When it comes to a portfolio, people would rather see less great images than a lot of low quality ones,” he also adds words with weight; “you’re remembered for your best, and you’re remembered for your worst.” He also warns, to “never add any selfies to your portfolio, only professional photos.” It is also important to research the company or agency you’re looking to work for, it’s imperative to be appealing to their specific niche or overall fashion or style while also staying true to yourself. “Model Launcher has been working with Paul for two years. He has an eye for our beautiful landscape, and it certainly shows through his work”, says Jason S. Silverman, Chief Operating Officer of Model Launcher.

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Eva Cantillo, Journalist-Model Launcher


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