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Mississippi Rap Artist Jrell Rainman is backed by Former Sony Music Executive Eddie Pugh

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Eddie Pugh III, Former Sr. VP at Black Music of Sony Entertainment, Meets Mississippi Artist Jrell Rainman to discuss future plans of radio marketing, and project plans

Mississippi (PRUnderground) November 19th, 2014

Eddie Pugh III, the former senior vice president at Sony Music Entertainment, met with young Mississippi artist Jrell Rainman. He was given the rare golden opportunity of demonstrating his skills in the music industry and showcasing his potential in being considered as being a part of the same industry of Mississippi rap pioneers such as The Joker, Soulja Boy, Big Krit, David Banner and Boos Rossini.

Given that Mississippi is a famous state where many music artists have started their way to stardom. One of the artists that are starting to establish his name in the industry is Jrell who has released his second single. With the release of his second single, the seasonal veteran Eddie Pugh took notice of his talent and decided to take him under Our Turn Records.

Jrell Rainman is very proud to announce that he got the opportunity of being linked up to the veteran and have discussed further on plans about radio marketing and project planning. The opportunity knocked upon his released of “Never Forget” his second single. For Jrell’s career, he never lack the work ethic and with 3 years in the Mississippi music industry, he worked diligently and remained steadfast with all kinds of promotions and working with different people in the industry and also maintaining a direct communication with his fans.

Due to these things and hard work, it all paid off when Jrell was able to build a dynamic network system. He did many things to ensure that he can keep his career in the industry and now that a rare opportunity has knocked in his career path, he is very happy that he was given this chance.

To date Jrell-Rainman is ranked in the top 10 MISSISSIPPI Rap Artist and within the top 40 underground rap artists worldwide on Google.  He has also just launching his new single through INNER-G Promotions, L.L.C.  with an overtone branded “Hustle With Determination.”  Teaming with experienced promotions and marketers, the infamous Eddie “Stretch” Pugh, IV and Aaron Harris of 74th Street Productions, Los Angeles, CA, West Coast Producer accredited for his works with:  Tony Yayo, Too Short, E-40, Mick Boogie, Mickey Avalon, Dead Prez, and Dr. Dre’s “Pause for Porno; Chronic 2001 album.  The list goes on…etc.  With the backing and experience of such seasoned veterans in the Industry, it is certain we will be graced with a lot more music and a lot more accolades accrued by Jrell-Rainman in the future.  After all, he has done all of this as an independent recording artist, self-promoter, and salesman.

During the conference meeting, the young Mississippi artist recollects Mr. Pugh’s encouraging words, “Jrell, you have star quality that brings back originality, but just because you have potential doesn’t mean that the doors will open for you. Remember son, faith without works is dead.”


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