Miranda Lambert accompanying country sensation Sunny Sweeney reveals her hidden side!

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She loves silver pants, bravely touches stereotypes and sings while sleeping. Sunny Sweeney has brought true spirit of Texans to the world of music.

Texas (PRUnderground) November 13th, 2014

If men can party, women sure can too! This is what Sunny Sweeney reminds the audience in her single ‘Bad Girl Phase’. The only female artist in ten years’ time taking top spot in Texas Music Chart reveals in an interview with TicketsMove that she is not afraid to touch on topics that might be sensitive or touchy. In January 2015, she will be opening for select dates on Miranda Lambert’s upcoming Certified Platinum Tour. You might stay conscious as Sweeney might be calling you if she gets your number. Yes, she loves prank calling people! There is much more in this interview with the amazing and the beautiful Sunny Sweeney so don’t miss it!

The story of country firebrand Sunny Sweeney is fascinating. “From a Table Away” was her first single to hit the top ten along with two other singles charted on top 40 of the Billboard Country chart. She was also nominated as Top New Female Artists in 2013 ACM Awards. Despite having all the ingredients to make it to the top, she is still a little behind because of the dirty political games, this ravishing musical industry is known for. However, there is no stopping Sunny as she is courageous, determined to prove herself, and passionate about her work. Her album “Provoked” which in true sense reveals her life story and the struggles she faced to come so far. She comes out two guns blazing, in her critically acclaimed album, from start to finish.

Sunny Sweeney revealed quite a few aspects of her life in an exciting talk with TicketsMove Online MAG. She tells in detail about her most appreciated single ‘Bad Girl Phase’ and talks about some of her personal attributes. While answering to a question she stated an interesting fact about Texas natives, “Well, a little known fact about Texans is that when we were born, we get a chip installed in us that makes us reap for the cowboys”. There is much more on this interview.

With all eyes on her performances at select openings for Miranda Lambert’s tour, she is well prepared and ready to face the big challenge by the start of year 2015. She by herself is very positive and excited about it. We believe that the coming year will bring stardom to this exciting talent which she truly deserves. She is definitely the singer to follow!


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