Mineralife LLC Launches Product Which Contains Most Powerful Natural Electrlyte Known

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Mineralife LLC Reveals New Fulvic Trace Product Which Increases Natural Energy And Metabolism

Colorado Springs, CO (PRUnderground) February 2nd, 2010

Mineralife LLC, the company known nationwide for their professional grade liquid ionic mineral supplements, has announced the launch of their new product, Fulvic Trace, which contains Fulvic mineral complexes, known to be the world’s finest electrolyte.

Studies show that Fulvic Acid improves energy, stimulates the metabolism, restores electrochemical balance, and reduces high blood pressure. Inside each bottle of Fulvic Trace is a mixture of Enhanced Double Reverse Osmosis Water (MET™ Water), Ionic Fulvic Mineral solution that contains Fulvic Acid and over 70 naturally occurring plant derived minerals, trace minerals and amino acids. Neil Butterfield, owner and founder if Mineralife, LLC, said,

Fulvic acid assists every stage of cellular metabolism and is the most powerful, natural electrolyte known. It restores electrical balance to damaged cells, neutralizes toxins and can eliminate food poisoning within minutes. When it encounters free radicals with unpaired positive or negative electrons, it supplies an equal and opposite charge to neutralize the free radical (antioxidant). Fulvic acid acts as a refiner and transporter of organic materials and cell nutrients.

The fulvic molecule prepares nutrients to inter-react with each other. When fulvic is present in the body, nutrients are dissolved into the simplest ionic form and disappear into the fulvic structure. Most of the benefits we receive from nutrients are due to their co-factor reactions with each other. Fulvic offers tremendous benefits because it enhances these reactions.”

Mineralife produce a complete line of Professional Grade liquid ionic mineral supplements and through the synergy of science and nature, Mineralife has pioneered a revolutionary health technology providing superior mineral nutrition.


For more information about this product and more, contact Neil Butterfield at 1-800-303-1376 or visit www.mineralifeonline.com


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