Milton Security Unveils EdgeWall The Only Way To Secure Critical Infrastructure

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Milton Security Group, Inc., a leading manufacturer of adaptive network security appliances, today announced the release of the EdgeWall, the newest first-line-of-defense

Fullerton, CA (PRUnderground) March 21st, 2015

Milton Security Group, Inc., a leading manufacturer of adaptive network security appliances, today announced the release of the EdgeWall, the newest first-line-of-defense cyber security product that stops cyber threats dead in their tracks.

The EdgeWall is a scalable, proactive network security solution that sits inline within a network; continuously monitoring traffic flows in real-time. Using proprietary Milton artificial intellegence technology, EdgeWall is able to continuously monitor traffic, detect threats, and proactively prevent them from affecting endpoints within the network. EdgeWall does all of this in real-time with no impediment to other network traffic through its high performance design. Minimal traffic latency impact and scalable implementation were one of the core design goals of EdgeWall. The unique adaptive A.I. within the EdgeWall threat detection engine was designed to operate and be updated in real-time so as not to affect the overall appliance’s impact on the network it is installed in. Growth in network infrastructure has taken many forms; from network traffic speed increases as well as the addition of all sorts of Internet of Things (IoT) network-connected devices, so the ability to ensure that packet latency is minimally affected becomes critical in all organizations.

A large part of security relies on sharing meaningful information in a transparent fashion within an organization. People at different levels of the hierarchy need to be quickly aware of threats and resolutions in order to act on them effectively. In a world where security is only as good as the human chain implementing it, EdgeWall represents another way for organizations to secure their networks without a large amount of human intervention. For this reason, EdgeWall also provides advanced real-time network traffic visualization that shows how network traffic is flowing and what threats are being dealt with

Numerous high-profile security breaches against large companies like Sony, Target, Anthem, etc. all were the result of concerted efforts to gain access to sensitive resources within the organizations via endpoint infiltration. In a large organization, securing endpoints is difficult because there are so many different channels to sensitive resources. USB ports on individual machines, unsecured ports to databases and compromised security keys are all potential gateways to system hacking. In addition, disgruntled employees can also pose issues if their access is not properly removed. To secure these resources, threat detection needs to be continuous, monitoring access and reporting on discrepancies. Patterns of access to such resources can be observed and flagged if unusual.

“The EdgeWall represents the newest development in network security enforcement appliances ” said James McMurry, CEO “and has redefined the effectiveness of Network Access Control (NAC).”

“We have always strived to provide the most advanced, adaptive and comprehensive network security solutions to the market,” continues McMurry. “We want customers to have security options for any type of situation their network may present”

Milton Security is celebrating 8 years of business, protecting organizations and their customers from breaches and attacks.

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Milton Security Group Inc, a Department of Veterans Af
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