MightyMeeting Enables Paperless Collaboration on iPad Pro, Available Now on the App Store

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MightyMeeting for iPad Pro enables real-time sharing of content, drawings, and interactive applications across any number of tablets and displays. Available immediately.

New York, New York (PRUnderground) November 12th, 2015

The MightyMeeting app for iPad Pro enables real-time sharing of rich media content, whiteboard drawings, and interactive applications across any number of mobile devices and flat panel displays. MightyMeeting for iPad Pro is available immediately on the App Store:


MightyMeeting is popular with users in business and education. Educators use the application as a virtual interactive whiteboard that assists in collaborative problem solving, adaptive learning, untethered instruction, and online tutoring. In the corporate world, MightyMeeting delivers value as a mobile sales enablement tool. It is used to improve alignment between sales and marketing and turn client interactions into collaborative, engaging, and memorable experiences.

“iPad Pro raises the bar tremendously, enabling an experience that our customers have been waiting for,” said Dmitri Tcherevik, MightyMeeting’s CEO and founder. “It provides ample screen real estate and, if used with Apple Pencil, delivers true paper-like experience when sharing documents, annotations, and drawings in MightyMeeting sessions.”

The latest version of MightyMeeting takes full advantage of the impressive iPad Pro and iOS 9 capabilities:

–        Users enjoy crisp and clear sound in audio conferences thanks to HD encoding enabled by the powerful A9X chip.

–        Presentations, documents, and videos are rendered in their full glory on the enormous 12.9-inch Retina display with fast and fluid zooming, panning, and transitions.

–        Apple Pencil makes drawing and sketching feel remarkably natural and accurate. MightyMeeting sketchbooks stretch to fill the whole screen and provide sufficient room for the most detailed diagrams.

–        Support for multitasking makes it possible to run MightyMeeting side by side with another application: a web browser, a note-taking application, or a video conferencing application.

iPad_Pro_2.png“Our teachers and students enjoy using MightyMeeting on their iPads as a way to share educational content, polls, quizzes, and whiteboard drawings in the classroom and online,” said Jared Heiner, Head of IT at Troy City School District, New York. “The application is well positioned to take advantage of iPad Pro’s size, power, and integration with Apple Pencil. We are looking forward to trying MightyMeeting on the new platform.”

“MightyMeeting on my iPad is an invaluable communication tool that I often use in meetings with partners, clients, and prospects,” said David Barclay II, CEO at Laertides, an IT and Education consulting firm. “I like the ability to share information and exchange ideas digitally instead of printing stacks of paper in preparation for my meetings. This must work even better with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.”

MightyMeeting for iPad Pro is available now on the App Store:


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MightyMeeting — www.mightymeeting.com — is a provider of award-winning mobile collaboration solutions for business and education. MightyMeeting applications and cloud services are used at thousands of companies and educational institutions worldwide to increase productivity, improve the quality of learning, and transform everyday interactions into engaging, collaborative, and memorable experiences.

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