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Meet the Beaux-Tie – a brand new take on the bow tie

Industry: Fashion

Beaux-Tie: a paper bow tie handcrafted by anthropologist, Madeline Cherney. Far removed from its formal tradition this unisex eco-friendly necktie blends art and fashion.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) March 11th, 2014

Madeline’s Beaux-Ties recycles natural fiber papers into artistic paper bow ties. The company’s creator, Madeline, has decided to revamp a traditional fashion artifact into a contemporary, sustainable, and affordable fashion statement that appeals to all. The paper bow tie is made durable by reinforcing the paper with a Japanese rice paper lining and adding a finishing gloss. It is then attached to a fully adjustable cloth neckband, which fits all adult neck sizes. Many of the papers used are handmade papers from around the globe that promote fair trade commerce.

Madeline’s shop: opened on July 4, 2013 and already fashionistas of all lifestyles are wearing these one of a kind Beaux-Ties. Wearing a bow tie has always been associated with expressing a distinct flair. Many celebrities have incorporated the bow tie as part of their iconic styles. According to figures from NPD, men’s neckwear sales volume has been increasing steadily since 2008. A 2013 article, The New Neckwear Market, by Harry Sheff, in MR Magazine stated that, “the star of the neckwear business this year has been the bow tie”. Although the bow tie accounts for 10% of total sales distribution, new statistics show that more young men are purchasing their own neckwear and are opting for the bow tie; choosing seasonal fabrics, bright colors and contemporary designs.

Madeline’s Beaux-Ties pushes the design trend further by using eco-friendly paper instead of fabric, favoring a sustainable product while offering an endless variety of color, patterns and designs. Currently, there are six collections: Pop Art, Solid Elegance, Origami, Literati, Natural Selection and Eclectic. There is also a custom order option, which can turn any image, such as a company logo into an exclusive Beaux-Tie. Stony Brook University in Long Island, NY has purchased two versions of the customized Beaux-Tie; one version features the school’s emblem and the other, the school’s mascot, Seawolf. The university plans to distribute the Beaux-Ties as memorabilia gifts. It is clear that this brand new take on the classic bow tie showcases an artistic fashion forward trend while incorporating an eco-sustainable framework.

About Madeline’s Beaux-Ties

Madeline’s Beaux-Ties is an independent DIY, which handcrafts paper bow ties. The goal is to create an artistic eco-friendly and affordable fashion accessory, suitable for every occasion and for everyone. The papers are all carefully chosen and recycled into unique Beaux-Ties. The company’s creator and designer, Madeline, is an anthropologist with an artistic vision. She decided to create the start-up as a means to expand cultural and artistic horizons. She hopes to stimulate interest in naturalist aesthetic and creative design.

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