Media Bureau – Dec 2015: Luis Nieves (Consumer Advocate), Carol Schatz (DCBID), JJ Abraham (Lennar)

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Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) December 3rd, 2015

TOPIC:  The current Volkswagen scandal is just the latest reminder of how consumers can find themselves at the mercy of auto manufacturers. This is no less true in the auto repair business. Without knowledge of the intricacies of modern automobile technology, car owners are left in the uncomfortable position of having to take their auto mechanic or dealer service department at their word; and even worse, at their price point. It’s an intimidating and expensive process that can be rectified.

Without even taking maintenance into account, cars are typically the second highest expense behind a mortgage or rent – and are critical to being able to get to work, school, and shuttling the family. So it’s a topic that’s relevant to a broad audience.

Luis Nieves,  CEO of AUL and Trustmark Warranty, has become a consumer advocate in the  industry.  Leveraging his more than 30 years of experience, Mr. Nieves is speaking out about the flaws of the after-market auto warranty industry; how consumers are being taken advantage of from all sides of the process; and how to protect themselves.

Interview Source:

Luis Nieves, CEO of AUL Corp.,; 800/826-3207 x202


TOPIC:  Downtown Los Angeles Retail Report Just Released by Downtown Center Business Improvement District Reveals Key Metrics.

1.8M square feet under construction and another 1M square feet planned, downtown Los Angeles’ Retail Market is now primed to capitalize on the area’s massive office population and booming residential population.

Report is available for media use at

Interview Source:

Carol Schatz, president and CEO of the Downtown Center Business Improvement District, and the president and CEO of the Central City Association.; 213/416-7534


TOPIC:  Creating Pedestrian-Centric Districts Where You Can Live, Shop, Dine and Recreate are a Growing Trend.  Discover How These Districts Come to Life and Who is Gravitating to this ‘Car-Free’ Lifestyle.

On heels of the U.N. Climate Conference in Paris, this trend is one where our communities can plan and make a difference.

JJ Abraham is president of Lennar Multifamily Communities, and he can speak to all of these topics.  The Colony at The Lakes is a 450 residence apartment community in West Covina, a part of Los Angeles County which hasn’t seen new development on this scale in 30 years!  And, it’s part of an entirely new, pedestrian-centric District called ‘The Lakes’.  This car-less trend is gathering momentum and is worth a closer look.

Interview Source:

JJ Abraham, Division President, Lennar Multifamily Communities, Contact Kim Macy 310/821-5300 x222

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