MC General Contractors Ready to Help Water Damaged Homeowners in Westchester NY and the Hudson Valley

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Affordable home improvement services helps Westchester residents mitigate water damage. MC General Contractors are ready help Hudson Valley homeowners who suffered flooding due to Hurricane Irene.

Hudson Valley, NY (PRUnderground) January 30th, 2012

MC General Contractors are ready help Hudson Valley homeowners who suffered flooding due to Hurricane Irene. One of their specialties is mitigating water damage. Water damage can be one of the most troublesome and costly problems associated with home ownership. Hurricane Irene and the other recent “100-year” storms that seem to be happening twice a year lately have left a lot of people with water damage.

Water in the basement can cost thousands of dollars to clean up and cause extensive damage to walls and floors, destroy carpeting, ruin furniture and lead – pretty quickly – to mold, mildew and strong odors. Deteriorating submerged block foundation walls can stress the structural integrity of the home at its most vital point, the foundation. Every new home built in the neighborhood changes the age old flow of surface water and can aggravate existing water problems. Surface water can leak through cracks in walls or the hydrostatic water pressure in the water table can cause water to leech up from cracks in your slab.

MC General Contracts can help you avoid these costly problems by:

  • Directing surface water away from the foundation Faulty or outdated leader drains will be directed towards catch basins, dry wells, or if the property has pitch, out to fresh air. If portions of your or your neighbors’ lawns are pitched towards your foundation, MC General Contractors can add or remove earth to insure proper lawn drainage. They do this in tandem with French or curtain drains, which provide a channel for storm water to flow away from the house, and can sometimes be the difference between a wet or dry basement.
  • Waterproofing the basement Faulty areas around cracks and holes in the basement walls will be chipped out and then filled and patched. They will then remove any old paint by sanding, wire brushing or power washing the surface before they apply the waterproofing mixture.
  • Installing a sump pump Sump Pumps may be the only way to keep above water. MC General Contractors has had a lot of success with the new hydro backup systems that keep the pumps going even during prolonged power outages.
  • Protecting exterior foundation walls with waterproofing The drainage areas around the home would ideally consist of perforated pipe, gravel and filter fabric. Houses built pre 1960 generally have clay footing drains that are now becoming inundated with silt and are rife with problems and due for replacement. MC General Contractors can excavate land around the perimeter (or portions of the perimeter) of the home, if necessary. Once they have excavated down to the footing, they can waterproof the exposed walls with tar and apply a water proofing membrane that will direct the moisture down to the footing drain and away from the house.

Every home offers its own unique drainage problems. Call the water damage specialists at MC General Contractors for a free estimate and they can take a look at your particular problem and work out a complete, affordable solution that meets your particular needs. The new MC General Contractors division also specializes in drainage, dry wells, foundation sealing, site work, excavation, paving, and masonry.

About MC Contractors:

Mr. Cheapee Inc has been diagnosing and solving drainage problems as well as mitigating water damage in Westchester County, New York and the surrounding areas since 1994. Now with their special general contractors division, they will be able to do even more to meet your needs. MC General Contractors are fully licensed and insured, so give them a call today for a free estimate. 914-737-0823


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