Markets Media joins AMP Program and Sells on AIREX Markets

Industry: Finance

Markets Media, a digital publisher covering all sectors of the securities industry, now offers readers and visitors access to Financial AIR™

New York, New York (PRUnderground) October 2nd, 2015

Airex, Inc. announced today that Markets Media has joined the Airex Market Partner (AMP) Program, a global service that gives companies their own customized, curated, and co-branded AIREX Markets. These AMP markets allow partners like Hedge Connection to offer their customers, clients, website traffic, and employees a large and growing assortment of financially actionable applications, information, and reports (Financial AIR).

Markets Media covers the interrelationships between key decision makers at hedge funds, institutional money managers, exchanges, broker-dealers, alternative trading systems, technology providers, and regulators. Markets Media provides content via multiple channels, including online and live at its conferences.

“Complementary forms of financially actionable information make all the content much more valuable,” said Mohan Virdee, Chief Executive and Founding Partner of Markets Media. “Airex allows us to offer that complementary information at the critical moment of need — when one of our readers is reacting to a compelling piece of coverage. We also benefit directly from Airex as a vendor as well, reaching a wider audience for our own content by selling through the AIREX Markets.”

Markets Media is selling access to its industry events and will sell access to the content on the Markets Media website through its AIREX Market.

“Markets Media has thrived in a competitive environment for content by building deep relationships with readers,” said Airex, Inc. Chief Executive Officer Stephen Kuhn. “We are proud to have this exceptional editorial outlet as a partner and as a seller on the AIREX Markets. We’re also proud to help Markets Media create even deeper relationships with readers, by offering another channel – their AMP marketplace — which they can use to offer value and insights to their readers.”

Markets Media followers and subscribers can click to access the Markets Media @ AIREX Market.

Learn more about the Airex Market Partner program, or sign up to become an Airex vendor or customer.

About Airex, Inc.

Airex, Inc. produces the award-winning AIREX Markets, which are independent, cloud-based marketplaces that offer financially actionable apps, information, and reports (Financial AIR™) from a large and growing list of vendors globally. Through its Airex Market Partner (AMP) program, Airex powers companies across the globe, giving their customers, clients, website traffic, and employees access to a customized online marketplace of Financial AIR, to drive partners’ revenues and profits while increasing customer engagement and retention. Buyers in the AIREX Markets get financial information that they couldn’t access before, couldn’t afford, or didn’t even know existed – instantly and conveniently, with no salespeople, no contracts to negotiate, and no attorney’s fees. Vendors generate new revenues, monetize existing products, and generate higher margins in new market segments that they cannot cost-effectively reach today. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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